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can anybody give me the links or matlab code to detect object for tracking purpose using neural network ?
Dear all, I am new to this forum and found it very useful to get help. I am trying to program code tracking in matlab but now the problem is to design NCO and loop filter. I have no idea how the discriminator output is used to make correction in time and how to implement NCO and code loop filter. I want (...)
What kind of features you want to extract. ...image/speech are easily avail on matlab site Ex.
hi every body. I research about target tracking algorithms for underwater wireless sensor network,I want to simulate the algorithms in matlab.would some body help me to simulate the tracking algorithm for underwater wireless sensor network in matlab? please give me some source (...)
hello sir, i am looking for matlab code on human face emotion tracking system for my final year engg. project. Thanks a lot!! Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello everyone, i m using matlab to learning face detection and object tracking. please suggest me tutorial and sample code for it. how can i start from the basic? Oh,i m using built-in webcam of my laptop... thanx in advance....
Hi, I am pretty new on this forum. I have a background on coding with PIC and matlab. As of now, I have developed codes for object detection and tracking in matlab. My code detects a red object in an image/video and gives its centroid location. The red object is then (...)
hola, soy estudiante de ing. electronica de la universidad surcolombina de Colombia y quisiera que me hicieran el favor de enviarmen el codigo de segumiento de objetos en matlab o cualquier informacion util, es que mi trabajo requiere de un contador de objetos en tiempo real, empleando matlab, se quiere realizar empleando una webcam [colo
I need help with the matlab code for audio sensor tracking in indoor area. I want to deploy speakers and record and save sounds at different locations in a room after which i'll compare intruder sounds with this sounds to estimate the position of an intruder. I really need your help.
Hello I am working on multiple target tracking. I need a sample matlab code for the Probability Hypothesis Density(PHD) filter. I have searched in a few sites, but am successful till now. If you have or are aware of any resources that assist in matlab coding, please do help me out. Cheers
i need matlab code for video tracking based on particle filtering.....
sir, please send me the code for real time object tracking. i have webcam and it is connected with the computer. please help in acquiring the video from the cam and to track the object(hand) which i am selecting from the video. please help me. this is my final year project. email id::: adhikarikiran1 @ gmail thanks in advance
hello, I am working on Hand tracking in matlab, I am supposed to use Kalman filter for the tracking, so far I am able to connect web cam with matlab. I have also code for ball tracking using kalman filter but it does not work (...)
could you help me about this topic?:!: tanx
hi every body i need some particle filter matlab code for facial feature tracking in video sequence.would you please give me some example? thanks
hi frnds.. can anybody plz provide me the link from where i can get the matlab source code of Very early ? very late correlator used for code tracking of GPS signal of GNSS (Galileo Receiver ANalysis And DesignApplication) project. its urgently reqd.. plz help.. thankx...
hi there, if anybody is having matlab code for radar target tracking using neural network in matlab, pleaze send it on you.
please send the matlab codes for extended kalman filter used for missile tracking
im doign a project on ip using c6713... i need to know whether i can control the stepper motor by writing a code on this dsk and driving it through a driver ckt... is it possible to write a program for stepper motor in dsk to control it...and i need help in writing a code for real time image capturing and (...)
plz help for getting matlab code for traget tracking using neural network