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Is there a matlab code (simulation) to insert the effect of the Doppler shift in frequency, due to the mobility of the user in a relaying communication system? if anyone knows how to do it, can you please provide me with the code?? I'm trying to evaluate the system performance in the relaying network, i did it without the (...)
Hello All , i recently started working on MIMO OFDM underwater acoustic communication. i need some basic codes for any technique like channel estimation, equalization or coding.. if someone can send me some codes regarding the whole MIMO OFDM system or any specific technique in the system, i would be grateful. if the codes are (...)
I am trying to implement an image acquisition system that communicates between matlab and PC, the system works as follows: first of all matlab reads a grayscale image of resolution of 512x512 where the colors are 8-bit coded, the image then is segmented into 512 segments, each of them represents one row of the image. On the (...)
please can someone giv me a matlab code for mimo ofdm wireless communication system
Heloo my friend I am a student in MSC of communication i need code for mimo channel modeling in harq system with 2 antenna in input and 2 antenna in output. plz helpe me
i kindly require the matlab code for relay selection as i am working with cooperati9ve system. thank you in advance.
Hello Everyone ; I'm trying to simulate a communication system using matlab In my system the channel is assumed to be rayleigh block fading i.e the channel is static during the transmission of one block and vary from a block to another. My code is as follows : channel = sqrt(0.5*channel_var)*(randn(1,1) + i
Does anybody have a matlab simulation environment for IEEE 802.11p Please help . I need it for my project work?
Hi Can someone help with matlab code for Slepian-Wolf theorem? Thank you
Hi , I have the book called "optical wireless communication:system and channel modeling with matlab" and i'm currently learning PPM modulation. i've come to the part on performance under AWGN channel where the author explained about the error probability with soft decision and came to the analytic solution that was taken from "digital (...)
Hallo Every one, I will be doing a student project on SDR/USRP hardware tools, for that Today I got a matlab setup DVD from my univ department, Installed it and searched for SDR hardware block in communication system Toolbox. but did not found it. Does any one else experienced the same problem or if any one knows the reason or solution to (...)
Hi, I am working about incremental relaying on cooperative communication system. system model: Source S, relay R, destination. I need the matlab simulation code for "Throughput" in incremental relaying of Amplify-and-Forward cooperative protocol, over Rayleigh fading channels). If you have, please send me a reference, my (...)
Hi , Iam Vinod sajjan , doing Mtech in VLSI&Embedded system i'm doing mini project on matlab with simulink tool And i'm beginner for this tool. therefore i want to know ,how to design simple communication system in simulink tool. help me please.
how to generate cyclostationary signal for adaptive antenna system?
I am trying to model DDO-OFDM Long-haul optical communication system diagram on page 36 of the link below using matlab only. This is the link I understand that a VPItransmission maker is needed to effectively develop the OFDM simulation of this model but due to the c
Hi all, I want to implement a simple communication system with digital FM using VCO, but Igot confused about using VCO for modulation in matlab! Also, after modulation there are limiter and discriminator blocks, is it necessary to use demodulation matlab function in this system? Finally, for this simple (...)
hi, please can help me in my graduation project ? i make communication system using matlab simulink and i want to make download of it on beagle board .how can i achieve it ? how can i make c modelling langauge for communication system ? thanks in advance
Hello to everyone, I am currently working on a matlab project regarding the implementation of different adapting modulaction and coding (AMC) algorithms for a mobile TDMA communication system based on an existing matlab simulation tool developed in cooparation with my university and a company. This project runs about 1 (...)
Hi all I know this thread isn't very concern with digital communication, but my main goal is to simulate an OFDM system. So if anyone familiar with parallel computing this is my problem and. I think it is simple. In one of my functions I am using parfor loop and it working well ,improving by 50%. I defined NumOfWorkers = 8 And launched "matl
hi i'm Arnab mondal of Electronics & communication Engineering 4th year student. I Have project on Design a MC-CDMA system. so i need the matlab code or m file of CDMA system as early as possible...... If you help me i'll be very grateful to you.......please......
Hello , I am student of communication signal processing and i want help from you. I am doing project on Interference Alignment scheme in MIMO. I have to implement The MIMO system using Relay. So anyone can help me for matlab coding. I want code for MIMO system which is aided by Relay ( Relay like it can used (...)
I want to Design a communication system with Distributed arithmetic Filter, So I required Any communication system with matlab code which inbuilt a filter. so that i can compare the performance after applying the DA filter...:?:
I am working on project "Receiver Design For Cooperative communication".. so first task is need to setup cooperative system(CDMA) based using matlab (equal gain) and second simulate power allocation algorithm and compare it with equal gain scheme .... matlab is new for me .....can anybody help me....for coding :???:
hi you can use .wav file format and read that file in matlab, check this : Read WAVE (.wav) sound file - matlab maybe helpful for you
What about a building block (module) for a Digital Terrestrial Receiver standard if it would be of interest. You would need to identify the basic functionality of the Digital TV receiver and then identify its main system blocks. Isolate one block and proceed to form a diagram and then use matlab, Simulink or some sort HDL (Verilog or VHDL) Coding
Dear freinds, I'm looking for some special materials-recent useful workshops or courses-that help to learn DSP basic and advanced concepts and communication system concept using matlab via m-file simulation or SIMULINK tool. does anyone know where can i find these stuff ? Thanks in advance
Hello guys, I am new to matlab and am trying to implement a FSK communication system. In the coherent detector part, I am trying to build the integrator block. So right now i have a lot of samples which have come out of the multiplier block. With these sample values in hand how can I integrate or perform an equivalent operation for (...)
Hello, i have a problem with bpsk and 16-qam modulation in matlab.I want to simulate a plc(power line communication) system. I dont know many things and now i learn so i need some code is: rand = randint(1,10, )%create 10 random binary data trel=poly2trellis(,) coded=convenc(rand,trel)%create 20 bits from 10 and now i
Hi, i strongly advice you to look to some tutorials or some done projects in this subject (you can find a lot of working projects in MathWorks FileExchange). and the best development environment is matlab. the communication system (PHYsical layer) can be either wired like DSL technol
Hi everybody, Now, I'm doing a project relating to simulation of underwater communication system. The method using to communicate is MIMO-OFDM. Can you help me about: 1. The parameters of the system 2. matlab file to simulate Thank you very much
Check rcosine and rcosflt functions in matlab.
i have a project in matlab and i have to do a communication system based on DQPSK. the transmitter and the receiver must be simulated in Simulink. can anyone help me?
Hi there, I have been simulating a system in matlab. So Im not good with communication basics and im very new to it. Here is the problem. Im using rectpulse function from matlab, the it needs a sampling rate to generate rectpulse from random bits. So the sampling rate is calculated using, n=sampling (...)
I have relay cooperative communication system.two relays and 2 data nodes. some defination in matlab codes for my simulation are as follows s1 = randint(N,1,); x1 = symbols(s1+1); s2 = randint(N,1,); x2 = symbols(s2+1); h11 = sqrt(0.5) * randn_c(N); h21 = sqrt(0.5) * randn_c(N); h12 = sqrt(0.5) * randn_c(N); h22 = sqrt(0
I studying smart antenna for communication mobile WCDMA who help me now I need matlab code and it work who have application smart antenna in wcdma system deployment at European thanks everybody
Hello, Does anyone have a matlab code for a cooperative diversity communication system with Amplify-and-Forward relaying technique over independent and identically distributed Rayleigh fading channels, where all the nodes are equipped with single antenna? Thanks in advance
Look at matlab Data Acquisition Toolbox
Hi all:!:, I am working at communication company. We have a system which shows the alarms with color. I want to get the alarms with color, and change it to the sound with matlab? Everything remains same just the color changes. How can i get the picture of the alarm program, to the matlab:?:
Im MS communication student and im doing my project in "Orthogonal polynomial Transform for STBC in OFDM system" instead of Alamouti STBC i want to use OPT STBC for OFDM If i get matlab coding for this it will be very helpful.... for further details my mail id is
Hello everyone.. I am a newbie in this forum.. I would just like to ask if anyone have already work on modeling powerline communication system using digital modulation in matlab? Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hi, Could anyone explain to me matlab code on some simple communication in MIMO system. There are a few matlab code available online but there is no explanation or it's very complex so I do not understand. Some of them contains many (sub) files (i mean many functions code) and I don't know how to combine it and run the whole (...)
Hi, I am working on cooperative communication system. Anybody send me the matlab codes for: * Generation of unifrom node distribution according to homogeneous PPP, *select any random node as relay from these nodes, *select the nearest node as relay, and *finally derive the outage probability for the end to end system. (...)
Hi my friend, I have to simulate a powerline communication system using matlab? Anybody help me? How can I find a powerline channel model for matlab? I need to your experiences thanks
I'v just doing the same work as you. I have the same problem. I do the research of combining space-time coding with cooperative communication. We consider the protocol of cooperative communication distributed.But the simulation of the distributed system will aslo considered be undistributed,especialy in matlab.How could (...)
why not use matlab or python? pricinples of communication system simulation with wireless aplications William H. Tranter, K. Sam Shanmugan, Theodore S. Rappaport, Kurt L. Kosbar is a good book.
Hi! I have simulated an OFDM communication model in simulink and I have used an AWGN channel to simulate the wireless media. Now I would like to implement this model in real world and I'm planing to transmit the signal, generated by matlab, through external hardware unit/s. But the problem is that i don't know how to physically transmit the MATL
hi my frends i need the matlab code for from TS rappaport -wireless communcations principle and practice 2nd edition. "i need matlab code for just this book no matlab cod for Principles of communications system Simulation with Wireless Applications"
hi i'm modeling a communication system(MB-OFDM UWB) in matlab,but i have no advanced knowledge on the digital communication simulation , i need to figure out the changes of SNR due to system modification so could you help me to build a system like: convolution encoder(rates :1/3, 1/2, (...)
it would be very simple if you use matlab in the simulink toolbox you can add this noise directly to your system
Usually I use Simulink (Subsystem of matlab) for system level simulation of electronic circuits.