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Hello, I wrote a code for 2 couple transmission line using FDTD in matlab, which is working. But when I tried to write the code for 3 or more coupled lines its not working. Please help me . Thanks in advance
hello this is a combination of a a newbie question and outright frustration. It relates to getting the stm23439i-eval board running and then using it as a embedded target within matlab simulink environment for a transmission controller on a hydraulic hybrid drive 1) I bought a new stm32439I-eval2 board. try as we might and using all the thre
Hi all, I am using embedded coder in matlab to generate PWM pulses using TI DSP28335. I used blocks from simulink and formed a small circuit. When I run the model it is giving proper result, but when I build the model, it is giving following error... ### Invoking Target Language Compiler on ADCcheckCopy.rtw ### Using System Tar
hello sir i am doing my project on embedded pic controller 16f877a and i have got the meter for reading the solar panel data such as volts ,amps, freq etc .and this data is taken from MODSCAN software ,but i want to use or import the data from MODSCAN to matlab please do tell me the procedure to import the data and display in matlab.
hi all, can anyone has code for embedded dsp processor design using VHDL,matlab or LISA....I am doing a project on design of the processor first,i need some proper approaches to write the,please help me......if anyone had please mail to me.......
Hello, I am an ECE student, final year(8th sem) from kurukshetra university. I am at the end of my engg., but no scope of job because no company comes to our college. I have keen interest in embedded systems so i have also done short term courses in 8051,AVR & matlab. Also i have made the big projects like robotic arm without any help from anyone
hi I got a job offer in matlab domain . Can anybody explain Wat is the use of matlab in embedded system and career in matlab domain ? I am Fpga student having good knowledge abt Fpga design can I able to get into Fpga having experience in matlab ? plz explain Urgently
Hi If you have any matlab based simulation projects to implement and 8 bit microcontroller (PIC16,AVR etc) projects please contact me in the following mail id glad to help with reasonable compensation. Contact: SARATH HARI Email:
Next step is ... you need learn how to use matlab. Thanks this is very helpful..
Any body know about how to simulate dsPIC30F with matlab simulink ? Can you explane with simple example like led blinking.
Hello, I am trying to convert a matlab code that do some communication algorithms into an HDL code, using HDL Coder. Alongside the code I have a binary file to work on it, emulating a real-world situation where the algorithm will be working on real data coming out of a front-end module (ADC, etc). In matlab, I have an fopen f
hello frnds i am recently doing work in 8051. but i really have interested to work with DSP. and i also completed my project in matlab but 2 years back.So, it's my starting point of getting start with DSP. so plz direct me to start studying about DSP basics and DEv. Board.
Please help me with this code because i need to submit it urgently. I am a newbie in embedded. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I want to initially send 500 values from matlab to the atmega32 using serial communication and store these values(binary values) in the atmega32. I am also using a BT module and when a particular p
hi everybody when I run an embedded matlab simulink file by 2012a matlab(64 bit) version the following error appears:(64bit 7.OS) "Unable to locate a C-compiler required by Stateflow and matlab Function blocks. Use 'mex -setup' to select a supported C-compiler." exactly what should I do to solve this? I'll be (...)
Your Program may include the support of any external batch file "mexopts.bat" , that compiler unable to find try to find the code .. regards to that file used the command system ('mexopts.bat'); that will workout with you i guess .. thats how i am able to run the batch file in matlab / Simulink
hello everybody.. i'm trying to make feedback from modelsim to simulink component and to pass the value to my modelsim component irrespective to time (with respect to a non-time variable).. So I used an embedded matlab function component from simulink that works based upon input flag coming from modelsim component.. at this point i 've alot of
Hi! I have done my Masters in embedded Digital Systems from University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Passed out Sep 2012. My skill set include: FPGA design with VHDL, RTL design, synthesis and implementation ( have done a project in it), PCB design, Signal processing in matlab and Image processing in matlab, circuit simulation using NI (...)
read here LabVIEW vs matlab
generally, if we write code for embedded systems, the basic one we write code in keil c and we will program to the corresponding microcontroller. But whereas for signal processing and image processing and communication systems, we are going to write the code in matlab. But i want to know, are the companies are using the matlab coding for (...)
Hi All, For implementing MIMO in Simulink i am using mimochan() in matlab function. The channel object is created and i used filter() to pass the modulated signal. It worked fine. Now, for the PathGains of the channel object, i used the follwing code coder.extrinsic('mimochan') chnl = mimochan(2,2,0.0001,40) out_1 = filter(chan,data) chnl_