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matlab has 2 native encryption methods: executable and pcode. The former is a binary file that does not require matlab to be executed. It is as easy to 'attack' as any other executable software, e.g. not very easy... The pcode encryption (file's extension is .p) requires matlab to be executed. I believe (...)
hi, Im new in matlab and i want now if i can do a standalone executable from a m.file and a simulink file. I have a m.file that changes the values in simulink and when i create a standalone file, they compile but when i run the standalone, show me a error saying that "??? Undefined function or method 'sim' for input arguments of type 'char'
Yes we can. Check the matlab command "mcc". I used it to generate C/C++ files, binary files, and stand alone executable. For more details, please check -- Amr Ali
Hello, I am trying to convert my Simulink model into executable code for c6713 DSP however after the following the steps mentioned in the examples given by Dr. Yoder in his files uploaded at, I am getting an error that my version of matlab (link for c6000) is not compatible with CCS 3.1 and I need to use CCS 3.3 Now, I am provided
MEX stands for matlab executable. MEX-files are dynamically linked subroutines produced from C or Fortran source code that, when compiled, can be run from within matlab in the same way as matlab M-files or built-in functions.
Hi, I need to convert m file to executable code which can work as standalone alone application. can it be done in matlab. does it require licenced version or we can make with trial/student version. if anywody knows this plz let me know. thanks
Yes, read matlab Help.
You can use matlab Compiler to build an executable: Unfortunately, the executable is not self-contained. It requires installing the matlab Component Runtime (MCR). The MCR is free to distribute with your executable, but it's huge, like 150 MB.
Search for the MEX funtion/command? on matlab's Help webpage. I think this is what you're looking for. Good luck.
i need this to use the matlab function fft and its plot in my application in c# please help me
it is easy to ask it from matlab itself by help mcc and you'll get: Make stand-alone C executable for myfun.m. Look for myfun.m in the directory /files/source, and put the resulting C files and executable in directory /files/target: mcc -m -I /files/source -d /files/target myfun
use matlab compiler toolbox enjoy
HI, How can I compile my HFSS project into a executable one or forget the matlab cource code ?? Regards
How to convert matlab m (really big) script file (with m function-written or builtin- calls) to executable file? please give step by step guide consider the min file as "mainfile.m" and two functions "myfunc.m" and "another.m" for instance