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Please, Can anyone send me the matlab code for DS cdma rake receivers sandeeppokala1995@gmail.comm
matlab code for "multiuser detection in cdma mimo systems" What kind of mutiuser detection? Have you worked out the theory?
Please help me out in writing the matlab code for Optical cdma using On-Off Keying or IM/DD and OOC
hi, I'm working with MIMO MC-cdma system , I want know this system clearly i need a matlab code for MIMO MC-cdma. Please help me ,as soon as possible. many thank!
Hi everybody,i need the matlab codings for ofdm,cdma,mc-cdma for my project purpose anybody knows means plz help and mail this id
Hello everyone, Please I need matlab code for a cdma rake receiver? Could anyone help me please? My email address is Thanks Olanrewaju
Hi, I'm trying to obtain the Channel matrix (H) and code matrix for a cdma simulation. Basically, I need the channel responses h_i's for each user i=1,...,K. But when I use the matlab's Rayleighchan function it gives me the path gains for every symbol I transmit. What does that mean? I want to get the (...)
can anyone give any idea how to intercept cdma call in matlab code...........please
I am in final year electronics and telecommunication engineering and would like to have the matlab codes for cdma rake receiver at the earliest as it is my final year engineering project.
i am doing final year project on MC_cdma with interference cancellation anyone please give me the matlab code for parallel interference cancellation for mc-cdma or related multiuser detection technique like mmse lmse sic and so on my mail id: than you
pls send me matlab code for this i need dis urgently with different no of users
Thanks Zorro for your replay I agree with regarding the path gain as i defined it in the matlab as Path gain= Transmit power (P) - Path loss- other losses I am trying to define the SINR for a network has 10 BSs with 3 BSs serving same locations in the above equation as SINR= (P*(sum of Path gain from 3 BSs))/(P*(Sum of path gain from the (...)
Hi I am doing a project in MC-cdma that uses an MMSE receiver in matlab.I am confused regarding to its equation is it 1)w=H^H/(H^H +N0*I) 2)w=conjugate(H)/(abs(H)^2 + 1/snr) or 3)w=conjugate(H)/(abs(H)^2 + variance(noise)^2 *I) Also one further thing...does using an MMSE receiver require me to use pilot channels,etc for channel (...)
hi can you send me the matlab code for adaptive mmse rake reciever for w-cdma system
i am simulating mmse rake using matlab , can anyone tell me the initial value of mmse rake fingers.
Hi Please help me out in writing the matlab code for Optical cdma using On-Off Keying or IM/DD
this is another link contains the specific eq. and my trial code and some explains for my problems regrdes
hey help me using matlab
hi, i write matlab code for ds-cdma system and using rayleighchan function , which is matlab built in function. H = rayleighchan (ts,fd,*10^-9,) my question is : how can i equilize the received signal to cancel the effect of channel? for example in OFDM system we can send a pilot bit to use it in (...)
please help me , my project is on femto cell uplink interference calculation in cdma . i have no idea about how to implement the project in matlab . so please help me. give me sample M file for that Plz did yoy find any simulation for the femtocell??