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I'm looking for a course in matlab & fortran programming for this summer. Anyone has idea about good institues in Ghaziabad, Delhi, Noida area??
I have the Balanis Antenna Theory book that comes with a disk with fortran program ( *.for). I don't have matlab or any other program that can run those. Is there any online programs that can open and run these? Thanks G95, a free fortran 95 compiler is available. GNU gfortran, a free fortran (...)
hi to all. does anyone have a matlab or C++ or fortran code for ADI-FDTD or Leapfrog-ADI-FDTD methods in 2D and 3D? or at least,there is anyone that is familiar with this methods in FDTD? if you have a code,please contact me. my email: and if you are familiar,please help me that how implement this algor
Hi, I have a polynomial of the form H(Z)=(1+a*Z^c+Z^b)^10. Could some one tell me, how to get this in simple polynomial form. Is there a matlab or C code to get this? Thanks in advance Srik
Hi every bady; I need to convert this file from fortran into matlab. it's very urgent because i prepare my master . best regards.73180
Hello, every, can you help me on the following questions? a) How to export the matrix from FEKO, and then read the matrix elements by our own developed code, such as matlab and fortran. Or, how can we open and look the data saved in the *.mat file generated by FEKO? Because I found the *.mat file was a binary compress
Hi fellows, I am a sophomore-end student and I have agreed with one of my professor to research with him. I have no prior knowledge about Electromagnetism, Just Freshman Physics course. I took Calculus, Linear Algebra and DE Classes. This summer, I will study on D.K. Cheng's electromagnetics book and also matlab and fortran. Then, do you have an
Hi, Look here it explains step by step Support - How can I interface matlab code with C,C++, or fortran? Regards, Alper USLU
Digital Signal Processing with Examples in matlab (2003) Signal Processing Algorithms in matlab (1996) Signal Processing Algorithms in fortran and C (1993) Digital Signal Analysis, 2nd Ed. (1990) Signal Processing Algorithms (1987) Adaptive Signal Processing (1985) Digital Signal Analysis, 1st Ed. (1975) Thanks in Advance (...)
Does anyone know how to code an FDTD code in matlab for a dielectric slab? I don't mind being pointed in the helpful resources so that I do my own reading. The slab is like three horizontal slabs (like a sandwidch) and the EM waves propagate in the middle slab
can anyone help me how to compute reflection coefficient of a 2D system e.g photonic crystal by using FDTD method? please post the code (matlab or fortran or c or c++) for this computation.
Hello i need a code that can simulate magnetic fields in high voltage transmission line, im working on comparing real values provided by a company with simulated ones, i want to publish an article about that. The code preferible in matlab, MAPPLE, C++, fortran, if you can provide it for me with a link i will apreciate it. Or if any of you know of a
hi every body i want use the fortran source code of the 4nec2 in matlab; but i dont know how generate the mex file. i'm waiting for your reply thank's at advance.
hi every body i want use the fortran source code of the 4nec2 in matlab; but i dont know how generate the mex file. i'm waiting for your reply thank's at advance.
how to make fdtd codes run faster? such as what kind of languages we choose, C, fortran or matlab. the style the code writing. etc. can anybody pose a guide line?
Hello, My work is on numerical techniques which require to solve sparse matrices etc. All my work is in fortran and I have almost no skill in matlab.But I have just realized that matlab can do some computations quite easily with its built-in functions and I want to take advantage of this. I have no time to learn matlab (...)
Hi, I have a formatted data file (obtained from fortran) which has 1 column and 24000 rows. The values are like -0.8736252526127E-9 -0.1928287267367E-11 0.28373737626278E-12 etc etc. I have tried to read these data in matlab using the following command : fid=fopen('filename'); =fscanf(fid,'%25f',); fclose(fid); I
hi friends I need a FDTD matlab/fortran code in Anisotropic Media. Hope you can help. Regards Mohsen
MEX stands for matlab Executable. MEX-files are dynamically linked subroutines produced from C or fortran source code that, when compiled, can be run from within matlab in the same way as matlab M-files or built-in functions.
Hi everybody I have a problem in matlab, I wrote fortran code and then I compiled it in .exe file. No I want optimize in it. I try to write m file which put some data in text file and then run .exe file and after that read output of data. a=20; a=30; fid=fopen('D:\input.txt','w'); fprintf(fid,'%d %d %d\n',a,b); fclose(fid); winopen('D:\
Hi Does any one have the code for the Gauss-seidel method for the IEEE 14 bus, in fortran, C and matlab. Thanks
hi, I have been working on Scattering from Eccentric Multilayered Cylinder. I have tried to write a matlab code on this topic, but I have not succeeded yet. Does anyone have any matlab/fortran code or any information or papers on this topic, specially in Analytic method. I would very much appreciate your feedback. Regards Mohsen
This is the code that Jithesh said. It was written in fortran, but you can easily change it in to matlab code. I hope it can help. Regards Mohsen
Hi emresrt I suggest you look at the book by title "Antenna and EM modeling with matlab" by sergey N. makarov I hope it'll be helpfull
Hi im working with FDTD but using fortran, not matlab. The conversion fortran ------>matlab, is not difficult
hi all,i deadly need fortran,matlab code of EBG of plane wave using FDTD calculating of phase of reflected wave from EBG or any cell ,i need it so so much for my studying
I am going to complete my PhD before X'mas in UK. And I am currently looking for a job. I have skills with C/C++, matlab, fortran. And my research areas are as follow: Forward Error Correction (FEC), Error Control Coding, Turbo Codes, Convolutional Codes, Coded Modulation Systems, Modulations (BPSK, QPSK, QAM), OFDM, MIMO, WiMAX, WiFi, DVB, DAB, G
does anybody have photonoc crystal matlab codes for fdtd
does anyone have the 3-D cylinder FDTD code(matlab or fortran or c)? please send to me. my email is "ztt53212(at)". many thanks.
Hi!! I'm trying to compile my fortran program IGRF.FOR on matlab. IGRF.FOR is placed on disk at so I wrote on matlab command line cd() mex igrf.for but matlab gives this error : Creating library _lib9093.lib and object _lib9093.exp _lib9093.exp : error LNK2
hey guys, I have problem with fortran command. For your information, I still new in fortran. Thus, my question is.... Is there any fortran command that similar to matlab's command such as FIND command. For instance: % In matlab:- A=; B=find(A ~= 2); The result will be ..... B = How to program (...)
Maybe this will help you: "Calling matlab from C and fortran Programs"
I want to use matlab's functions in my it possible to just call some functions from my c++/fortran code or should i use matlab itself? I made a program for a Genetic algorithm which provides some good results. I saw that matlab has implementations of Genetic algorithm functions and so i would like to test it against (...)
I have to make a simulation of a simple antenna whatever it is(e.g. dipole antenna) with matlab. Is there any code available in matlab for this? Thank you very much in advance for your help. peter-gr
you refer to link: yhis file is fortran and matlab code. you need to 3.16 point for download.
does anyone have the 3-D(or 2-D) cylinder FDTD code(matlab or fortran or c)? please send to me. my email is "". many thanks.
i am working with adi fdtd. if any one have matlab coding for adi fdtd please send it to me. my mail id is
Hi, Well, I know that many new programming languages has appeared, that was much easier than fortran such as matlab. But still, when it comes to speed or large problems, I think fortran is the best. Specially that it is designed with speed as a very importrant factor. I have heared that fortran is only 20% less in (...)
Currently, I am trying to call a fortran files from matlab. Knowing that we have to choose a compiler when we setup our MEX('mex -setup'). There are selection of Compaq Visual fortran and Digital Visual fortran with different version. Just wondering, which compiler should I choose since I am using the GNU 90 (...)
Hi friends, In matlab, use the clock function in order to read the current time. In order to start the random generator with a ?random? seed, use as follows in matlab version 5 or more: rand('state',sum(100*clock)); Regards Z
Hi, Does any one help me in using matlab function in fortran? I convert m-files to dll using matlab com builder. But i dont know how i use it in fortran?
Toyfdtd is writed in c and fortran,not matlab
this is the program examples about electromagnetic wave and antenna using matlab. the example: - radiation patern - gain of traveling-wave antenna of length L - simplified Yagi-Uda array design - etc wish u need it :D
Here is it! Most of them is in fortran, few in matlab.. Eirp