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Temperature Logger with matlab gui In this project, temperature values are recorded in memory card with the help of PIC18F4550 micro-controller, along with temperature time and date values are also recorded. Time and Date values are extracted using DS1307 RTCC IC and temperature is sensed using LM35 temperature sensor. Memory Card (...)
hello there i am working on an ooptimization project i designed the gui and the m file is working correctly and linking all the functions...but after the build process to obtain the exe file the function stops working and i cant get an output i have checked all tutorials on the build process and i am doing it the same thing and adding all files:
Good morning every body , In fact i am working on a project about lenses , and i want to make a gui interface to creat the lens geometry , a PhD student has posted a matlab code generated by his gui , normaly to work i nedd the figure file either. D's we have a methode to generate the gui from the .m file (...)
hello, I am doing my dissertation 'Reversible Data Hiding'.I am doing this project using Histogram shifting method'.I build gui for this .But I am not getting matlab code for few attacks on image like Compression,Gaussian noise,cropping etc.would you please help me out from getting code for this . Thanks
I need to build a project and i have a flow sensor ( 0 to 5 volt output) and i need to display this signal by matlab gui and DSP. but, How to use sound card as an ADC and DAQ ??
my project is object editing in video file 1-object removal(removes user-selected objects from video and fills the background) 2- object adding 3-object replacement the best way to design this program is matlab because matlab contain simulink(blockset) I can use it BUT there is aproblem of how connect this blockset with (...)
hey...i m new to matlab...making a project using gui interface....plz tell me how to open a existing gui window after clicking a button in old gui....???
can anybody please help me i want to interface parallel port and gui matlab in such a way that when i will move the horizontal slider (which i have used in my gui ) first two LEDs will be turned on for a limited time, same should happen for vertical slider .
Hi guys.. My name is Lina and I'm working on some Fingerprint Recognition project I already test the matlab coding and it runs perfectly with the gui . I get the source from but the problem is.. when i test it with my fingerprint sample the result is not so good for an example: when im trying to compare the sample (...)
in matlab u hav command serial for eg: s=serial('com1') % set ur comport here fopen(s) data=fgets(s) fclose(s)
Hi, Does anyone know how to dynamically create gui objects (widgets) in matlab at runtime. The nature of my project is such that a predetermined number of widgets cannot be used. Cheers Slayer
dear felllas i have been assigned a task of making a project in matlab, in which the user can extract a tone or audio of a desired instrument from an audio clip. it will have buttons of variety of instruments in the main gui. the user will b able to listen only the instument he has clicked. it must also have an option of removing human
better read tutorials from of matlab;; by searching in serial port communication; keep on talking and sharing ur new ideas and problems
i want to make the gui for my project in matlab. my project includes 1- point to point link calculation for microwave. 2- path loss calculation at Rx. 3- which topology to be used. 4.noise added due to worse temperature. 5-Humadity and Rain effects on Link Power. can any body helps me out that how to manage my (...)
I need a help in this project matlab gui for AM modulation and Demodulation, it must include four types of AM (DSB-LC, DSB-SC ,SSB). The gui will display signals in time domain and frequency domain. The gui must be able to modulate and demodulate various common signals and speech signals (read from .wav (...)
Hey, I am doing a project on Transmission Lines and Media. I implemented the project on matlab as an Interactive gui Application. It is mainly plots of Matching transmission lines Load Impedence. so I have two options to terminate the application with the button that I've added to exit. 1- Terminating the application (...)
Another way you can consider is matlab. It's simple for you to do image enhancement and recognition. Neural network can be written in C++ and the code in C++ is quite similar in VC++. VC++ has user-friendly gui.