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Hi brothers and Sisters of this blessed world. I'm doing a mini project on Multimodal biometric. Can someone please guide me to any source code for ECG authentication using matlab.
If it is possible to guide me toward some existing matlab script (code) for MOSFET Id-Vgs characteristics (subthreshold) All i was able to find is the Id-Vds (linear and saturation regions ) Thank you all in advance
I have installed xilinx ISe system generator. It has been configured for matlab. But when I open system generator, matlab is opening and in that when I open simulink, Xilinx blockset is missing. Can anybody suggest how to configure xilinx blockset in simulink.
Hi everyone , I am trying to make a script in matlab to use HFSS , I red this guide , but I am trying to figure out how HFSS assigns the objects ID faces , someone know some script to find out the ID faces ? because for assign ,for example, a boundary condition you must k
Hi everybody, I'm haveing project about antenna optimization by Genetic Algorithm. My trouble now is that can't linking between HFSS and matlab. If anyone know it, please guide me what i need to do now? Thank you so much!
You can use USB serial ports, provided that you connect the device before you start matlab, and provided that you are okay with the latency being 40 milliseconds per USB packet (unless the packet is full, somewhere around 1022 bytes.)
i am doing the project on face detection.i want to know new version of matlab can support real time video i.e i connect camera directly to pc. is new version can process the contineous data that is coming from camera? guide about choosing of camera.
Friends, I want to learn matlab and SIMULINK from scratch. I know there are a lot of websites which offer this course but i need a suggestion where the learning is complete and simple. So if you can guide me then i would very happy.
Hi, Do anyone find face recognition using matlab in RaspberryPi. guide me for some materials regarding this. Also suggest me, is it better to proceed with matlab or OPENCV. I have planned for gesture recognition too.
i want co-simulation of matlab with ADS. i was told that i have to use ADS-ptolemy for this purpose. i have ADS release 2009 and matlab release 2010a. are they compatible? if someone can provide me the first stage of how to import and export files from ADS to matlab (only a small simulation or any guide), it will be highly (...)
how can i install kml toolbox in matlab 2014 ( plz guide me step by step......)
You could try the following books: - Antenna and EM Modeling with matlab - CAD of Microstrip Antennas for Wireless Applications
Hai How to import matlab user defined functions to ADS 2011,pls give the link....thanks in advance
hi all; I am working on power control algorithms in cognitive radio networks considering 1PU and 1SU user. I need a matlab code for Fixed step power control and how we relate that power with transmit signal to get a new updated power. can any one guide ? plzzzzz
Hello Guys, My name is kiran. I am doing my masters in Mechanical engineering. As part of my directed study i have to do some 3D image processing in matlab. I am from Mechanical engineering background, so dont know much about programming. Can any one help me with this issue please? Thanks
Hello, Im doing a project on OFDM, I'm having a little trouble getting the transmitter to work correctly (before any pulse shaping ). I have a simulation that creates the data using different modulation (M-QAM/PSK) and now im at the stage of creating the OFDM symbol. I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me/ give me a code that g
can some1 guide me how to use matlab function block model in simulink i defined the function and it works good if i use it in m.file but showing error for simulink. m not been able to debug error i tried to follow Google but no success.
Transform extension to comtrade signal which produced from matlab/simulink by to work space block, i ll be thankful if someone guide me. Thanks,
i have plotted vgs vs id curve in matalb and I want to find the slope of that curve can anyone tell me how to do this
Hello, I implemented complex FFT in matlab, as described in the book "The Scientist and Engineer's guide to Digital Signal Processing" by S. Smith. My implementation generally seems to work, however there are some problems I can't resolve. I am testing my implementation it with a sinusoidal signal and compare the results with the matlab (...)
Hi! Can anyone help me to find the matlab codes of this paper: "Portfolio selection in stochastic markets with HARA utility functions"? please guide me. thanks
need beginner's guide for gui with matlab.. i am not feeling happy with the tutorial provided by matlab about this 95175 need simple gui for running functions..
hi.i have got a figure from matlb code now i want to export its data into excel form????plz if anybody knows plz guide me
I want to obtain the reflection coefficient using FFT in a transmission line, the source was excited with a Gaussian pulse. Τhis is an abstract from a paper that I have as guide: "In order to obtain the reflection coefficient, the coaxial cable was excited with a Gaussian pulse of the form Vs (t) = exp(-(t − 3Ts)/Ts) Ts =1/2fmax w
Hi I am Itamar and i have some problem while using matlab guide. I need to update multiple text boxes from UART Received data. i created 'ByteAvailabeFcn' that interrupt when getting the configured num of bytes from the UART. When i created the interrupted function that suppose to read the data and parse it to the text boxes i had a problem
i want to implement MASK and other modulations using matlab you can see the equation for doing this 91667 and this is the guide table 91668 but after all my code is not working and i dont know why! plz help me clc data=get(handles.txt1,'String'); %data=; rbt2ASK=get(handl
I have designed two arm archimedean spiral antenna in CST i got acceptable results but i want to get analytical results such as gain, axial ratio, radiation pattern, return loss and surface currents by using matlab so can any one help me to give me or guide me how to get the matlab code of this antenna.. your help is highly appreciated. thanks
Dear friends I want references in different techniques used in "OFDM frequency offset Estimation and correction ". Also i need a guide to stat writing these techniques with matlab codes
Hello everybody does anybody know that how can I install two version of matlab software beside each other? I have 2012 version but I want to have 2010 version beside it.
Hello everyone, I'm new to using matlab but I currently need to use it to simulate OFDMA performance using Simulink.Can anyone please guide me on any books or resources that can take me from the basics I need to being able to achieve this. I'll appreciate all the assistance. Thanks
hey there.. I really hope u guys can help me extracting the important element from the question below; A signal is sampled at the sampling rate of 10kHz. The signal has useful signal content between 1kHz and 2.4kHz, and distortion of not more than 1dB is required for this range. It is known that the signal is corrupted with noise above 3.6kHz
Hi guys, Merry Christmas! I am newbie here and I would like to use the Xilink white gaussian noise generator in Simulink under 2012a matlab to generate the noise for my calculation. In the System Generator for DSP reference guide "UG639 (v 13.4) January 18, 2012", it mentioned that the WGNG was built based on 'A. Ghazel, E. Boutillon
I have a doubt in matlab as when I am trying a code it is giving me error of undefined function with input variable of type 'double'. This error occurs in pc with windows 7 64 bit and not in windows 7 32 bit. Can anyone please guide me regarding this error.
here is my code; Plz tell me whats wrong: I am new to GUI (programming); i want to load a "net0" named variable and use it in other callback function "Rcrd_and_Recog". Note: i am not using guide GUI; using programming GUI. function ASR() figure('Name','Automatic Isolated Speech Rcognition System',....... 'Menubar','none',.
I am unable to find the " ccslink_grt.tlc " in Real time workshop configuration options. only grt.tlc is listed under the configuration. I am also unable to download the same file from internet Please guide me how to add " ccslink_grt.tlc " file to matlab .
Try to modify the code below: P = ; T = ; net = newff(minmax(P),,{'tansig' 'purelin'},'trainlm'); =train(net,P,T); There might be other parameters you have to adjust. Try the 'help' function of matlab.
Hello everyone !!! I wanted to implement Adaptive Line Enhance (ALE) in matlab but I am having problem on what should be the value of delta (delay) to decorrelate noise and input signal ? Anyone who have knowledge of ALE or implemented it in matlab kindly guide me asap that how can I select value of delta (delay) for an unknown digital (...)
i have been given a project on matlab in which i have to make such a application in which i enter latitude and longitude then matlab search it in the map and return us the name of that place. matlab may use saved map or it can use internet like google map and return us the name of that place kindly guide me... i am good in (...)
any idea how can we do it in matlab.?
Hello Guys i have these data, and i would you to guide me to plot a contour map please. X Y Z 102.976658 3.166745 17.7585082
Hello My name is Boris, Recently i start to learning about video processing. I wrote a simple code in matlab that convert video file from "RGB" to "Grayscale", But when i trying to Play converted file by using "implay" function i get errors about last line of the code. I hope someone can guide me to solve the errors I use matlab (...)
Check the "Importing HDL Modules" chapter in "System Generator for DSP User guide" below. (By the way, download Xilinx Document Navigator to manage all Xilinx documents) :
i want to simulate a receiver antenna and want to observe its behaviour in real RF enviroment. Please guide me which software tool should i use..i have ADS 2008 version on my computer, can i do this in matlab.
Dear all, Plz guide me as how to design LCR circuit using matlab simulink with the following values: 1). Vi : 0-10kHz square , 0-40 V pk-pk 2). R : 2.2 ohm 3). L : variable 4). C : 470nF Regards, rc
how can i import data from matlab to ADS?? can any one guide me in detail, i would be thankful to the one who helps me.
recently, my lecturer given me a task on how to detect crackk on egg shell using matlab (image processing toolbox) im totally a newbie in this area. i read all forum, learn step by step n i stuck at how to define the region as crackk. can someone guide me directly cuz due date is near. 70562 this image i take using
Hi all, Good wishes! I need help for Continuous wavelet transform using for ECG component separation..I did a code for find out the heartbeat ,but it's only take R point in the ECG.I want to separate p,qrs,t component from if anyone have matlab code for that otherwise could you please guide me in this topic thanks in advance
Hello Guys, I am new to this forum, I am doing thesis in watermarking, I want to know how can we implement Watermarking using matlab My topic is comparitive study of various watermarking techniques, I want to find the best possible watermarking technique for copyright protection I am talking about image and Video Please guide me to the best p
Dear David Hi on of my friends said to me that , i can do simulations at water or at gases with matlab . (but i don't know how) . probably matlab can help you . Best Wishes Goldsmith
I developed a code in in matlab to detect the motion. I am getting the foreground objects i.e. the objects that are moving in the field. Now I want to create a blob around each detected objects. Also I have to index them with numerals and find the centroid. Please guide me or give me some links :)