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Hello! Can someone point me to some detailed matlab tutorials that can help me with my assignment? Or a few explanations would be much appreciated. iir filter Butterworth method Fpas s=9kHz, Fstop=11kHz, Apass=1dB, Astop=25dB and Fs=40kHz iir filter analog prototype H(s)= (...)
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Hiho, I am doing research using matlab- R(2011a) for noise cancellation using iir LMS and unscented kalman filter. But I don't know how to create the code using matlab for iir LMS. And for UKF, i dont know what is the equation of non linear state equation representing speech. Please could some experts can (...)
hi i had written a code in matlab for a iir filter with following specs wp= and sampling frequency 16600 but i need to deside the other specs i.e. stopband freqyencies and ripple and attenuations but the filter characteristics are not producing due to high sampling frequencies. the sampling frequency must be high (...)
Hi all, I am trying to confirm the stability of some digital iir filters I am using. I have downloaded a trial of matlab 2014b and have been attempting to use the isstable function to check stability, this tells me that my high frequency notch and bandpass filters are stable but my mains (50Hz) noise notch (...)
hi i am doing a project on filter design i am stuck while testing the filter. i want to know how to test a filer in matlab coding my code is clc; clear all; in=; wp=420; ws=490; rp=3; rs=80; fs=1000; w1=2*wp/fs;w2=2*ws/fs; =cheb1ord(w1,w2,rp,rs) = cheby1(n,rp,wn) =freqz(
Sampling frequency should be as low as possible to allow handy filter order, but must at least fulfill the Nyquist criterion for the input signal. You can play around with the matlab filter tool to get a feeling of meaningful filter parameters. I find iir filters more effective for my (...)
Hi all, I want to design filter to implement on FPGA with a mentioned parameters in subject but when i am starting to design it on matlab fdatool, it gives very high order filter result, and when i decrease or set by myself upto 10 order its impulse response is not good as i want. Any idea will be highly appreciable. Regards, Umair
Hello, I want to know how to build an iir filter function if the filter coefficients got form matlab are available. The lowpass iir filter designed in matlab is shown below with fc=4Hz,sample frequency=100Hz = cheby1(2,0.5,4/50,'low'); (...)
Hello, I already used an FIR lowpass fitler as shown below with a fc=4Hz and sampling freq=100Hz for the data attached Hf = fdesign.lowpass('N,Fc',31,4,100); Hd =design (Hf); Coeff= Hd.Numerator; data3= filtfilt(Hd.Numerator,1,a); But, I now I want to design the iir fitler for the same to check the difference between the [I
Hello, I generated the iir filter using the matlab FDA tool.The filter parameters are Butterowrth,Lowpass,Order:10,fs=100Hz,fc=4Hz. I exported the fitler coeffcients to workspace but how to use these filter coefficients to filter a signal. The coefficients are as shown here . (...)
Hello, I am planning to implement a lowpass fitler of fc=2.6 Hz with a sampling rate of 100Hz on microcontroller(16-bit) using the filter coefficients generated from matlab. But I am confused of which filter method to use FIR or the iir method to generate the fitler coefficients from matlab designed (...)
My filter tool says it can be implemented as 13th order Chebyshev I or 7th order Elliptic filter. The question suggests that you are wanted to use matlab to solv ethe exercise problem, "designing" the filter in matlab is just a function call if I remember right.
Im trying to implement 2nd order iir filter ( direct form 1) by xilinx block set in system generator but on output im getting noise. same filter i implemented in matlab simulink (without using xilinx block) it is working fine. I checked till feed forward path the output of matlab simulink and system (...)
Hi, I am referring to the paper "Half Band iir filter Design using matlab" by Lutovac and Mili, to design an iir HB filter, but I am not getting the results as expected. An example in the paper: Fp = .22; Fs = 0.5 - Fp; Rp = 0.01; As = 46; if(-10*log10(1-(10^(-Rp/10)))>As) HBAs = (...)
hi evryone i m woking wth fpga spartan 3 kit i need to implement a 3rd order high pass iir filter on fpga,i have made a system generator model in matlab it is working properly so far simulations are concrned but in real time implementation it is not giving any filter response now i want to switch from system generator to (...)
Hello friends, I am facing problem in implementing iir filter. I have determined the coefficient for the first order Butterworth filter using matlab FDATOOL with sampling frequency 2000 Hz and cutoff frequency 100 Hz and used it to filter the AC signal but it isn't working. To implement this I took (...)
Hello, I am trying to show the difference between the outputs of FIR and iir filters. However the phase distortion in the iir filter output is not evident. Here are the scripts: (...)
I'm looking to implement a simple digital iir filter in C Code for my TI C2000 processor. I designed the filter in matlab and have the b and a coefficients as: num3 = 0.272667524669321 0.272667524669321 0 den3 = 1.000000000000000 -0.454664950661358 0 The (...)
95 kHz sampling rate sounds reasonable. What do you mean exactly with "but above 9KHz it is not stable"? Strictly spoken, FIR filters are stable by nature. Did you verify the filter operation in matlab with the numeric resolution used in the FPGA implementation? If you are implementing a Chebyshev filter of moderate (...)