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Hi, I tried to generate genuine and imposter scores, in purpose to evaluate my iris dual authentication system (Multimodal biometric system). Following is my first trial on coding using matlab: load('optimistic.mat'); xcut = 0.05:0.05:0.8; GAR=100-FRR; sigma1 = std(GAR); mu1= mean(GAR); pdf1 = n
I have experience at programming, although none with matlab, and none with eye tracking. I imagine that you will aim a camera at the eye. You zoom in so that the iris is easy to observe. Perhaps you intend to mount a tiny camera on eyeglasses? That will provide a stable image. The camera needs fast optics, because it needs to focus to less than a
hi I need help in iris recognition , i need to know how to make ROC curves using matlab , and fulse regection rate and fulse acceptance rate ??
I am recently doing a project of iris recognition system for biometric personal identification. I have tried so many journals/ papers to understand how iris recognition works. But did not implement a matlab program. everywhere i found some instructions but couldn't implement it successfully. Anyone you may have completed this project. (...)
hi can anyone help me on multimodal biometric system using iris and palm print feature extraction process in image processig ... i need matlab codes for it too .. pls :|
Hey guys i need a list of softwares that can be used for iris Biometric methods for my final year project . Can u list out the deatils apart from matlab ?
Open Source iris Recognition Implementation code matlab on the edge of iris recognition, including detec normaliza
Hi ppl Do any one here run the codes in matlab about iris recognition for libor masek? I got a confused how it implement ? what file at the first we will run? please tell me the steps of running it. the site of iris recognition here here are two kind of it one is protected and other one is not pr
I work on wavegude iris filter and,I found this article : please someone can help me, any doc about waveguide filter, waveguide jonction, mode matching methode, matlab code,...will be so helpful to me thaks
hi good day to all, im interested about the study on biometric identfication in matlab. through my own research, im interested in a fused project of two modes of a human body that is the iris and voice. the challenge is, i dont know how to fused the two system in matlab and because the two modes are largely different. one is (...)
i am a 5th year engineering student. i want to do a thesis design about fingerprint matching using matlab but i don't know where to start. Can you help me? pls... thanks
Well for image processing you can use matlab if you have access to it. and the matlab Image processing manual is also very good how ever basic book to be followed is Digital image processing by Gonzalez Anything more ? Regards Robin
hello, we are elex students we want a program on iris detection used in security systems using matlab software. and send us some information related to same. thank you.
First of all i want a matlab Code for finger Recognition, Plz provide me code the main purpose of this code is for research purpose. Secondly I want a combined data of iris and Face. I shall be very thankful to you.