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Hello. my name is idrissa and I am a pupil engineer in telecom. within my memory of end of study, I write on the use of codes in ldpc cooperarive communication. i already finished just want to compare my work with others. But this is my problem simulation. So please is that you can help me. thank you in advance. cordially
how to store information (values i want to store are 5,6,7,8) in the single port ram cell of system generator in matlab simulink., what is the function of "initial vector value" in ram cell of xilinx single port ram block set ?
do you have some matlab algorithm or C so you can compare any results you get from your verilog to your detection algorithm? Is this image pre-processed/thresholded to separate background and target objects? - - - Updated - - - do you have some matlab algorithm or C so you can compare any results you get fro
Simple method to transfer data from FPGA with EDK software is UART. Send the output data through Xil_printf command. Create matlab GUI to construct image from 1D to 2D array.
As a test, I am trying to receive a simple array of values containing from matlab, store this data in flash memory then check the memory. However, I get all zeros on the serial display. I am new to writing code for an avr controller. At this point I?m trying to isolate the problem to either hardware or software. I have verified the
Hello. This thread is kind of the next step in a project based on what is discussed in which is about a USB-RS232 dongle. Now I have that part taken care of, for now I am talking to a Arduino Due through its on-board ATmega chip which in turn talks to the PC through USB but I might(in time I will)
I'm not familiar with matlab, and this year in our Introduction to DSP class, teacher gave us a homework but nearly none of us knows matlab much... His question is; Define a 1001-by-8 matrix, named ?A?, whose elements selected randomly.  Define an 8-by-1001 matrix, named ?B?, whose elements selected randomly.  Define
Temperature Logger with matlab GUI In this project, temperature values are recorded in memory card with the help of PIC18F4550 micro-controller, along with temperature time and date values are also recorded. Time and Date values are extracted using DS1307 RTCC IC and temperature is sensed using LM35 temperature sensor. memory Card (...)
hi all i need matlab code for features exctraction using MFCC to use these featurs in dialect recognition
Hey i am using arduino duemilanove (atmega 328P). I am using 16 bit ADC interfaced with SPI protocol and then sending data serially into my laptop(reading com port using matlab). problem is I am getting too few samples. I am expecting 500 samples per sec. So Now I want to store data into arduino memory(flash or EEPROM or RAM). EEPROM I checked it t
I am working on C6713DSK kit. There is a error showing "One or more sections of your program falls into a memory region that is not writable". Actually I'm runnimg CCSv3.1 from matlab 2007a. Anybody can help?
Hi all, I am new in matlab and I am doing image processing on vein image. When I run the code,this error come out and I can't even understand a single line about the error. Error using imresize Expected input number 1, A, to be nonempty. Error in imresize>parsePreMethodArgs (line 333) validateattributes(A, {'numeric', 'logical'}, {
Hello!!! Everyone, I am making a Data Logger Project and had stored Log in memory Card, and wants to plot the Temperature Data with Respect to time in matlab (or any other software, which ever is simple) 18:41:03,05/10/13,025.7C,+024.5C,060.0%,000.00m/s,0,0000.0mm,0000.0mm 18:41:17,05/10/13,025.7C,+024.8C,060.0%,000.00m/s,0,0000.0mm,0000.0mm
I'm modeling the following system in matlab and plotting the autocorrelation and PSD. I'm getting results that agree with some other simulations, but I'd really like to be able to theoretically arrive at the autocorrelation and PSD functions without needing simulations. I'm an EE grad and have taken a course in stochastic systems but am having a li
I am asking this question because I failed to solve it myself and hope someone can give me any suggestion. My problem is: my program includes 3 parts: part-1: video encoder, part-2: channel coding - also call to a mex-files: complie from C-function "encodeBits.c" to matlab-mexfile "encodeBits.mexw32", part-3: video decoder. I also per
I'm doing my memory. my subject is an improvement of a routing protocol HPAR (Hierarchical Routing Protocol-Aware) in Wireless Sensor Network. I need the code to simulate the protocol in matlab and the code of leach_GA (genetic algorithm) Can you help me find the code. This protocol is based on the max-min algorithm zPmin. But the problem is to fin
hello, I developed an model in matlab simulink and generated a cosimulation block using "HDL workflow advisor" (HDL coder). when i am simulating the cosimulation model i am getting an error block error error in s function. failed to connect to server. make sure the loaded HDL simulator library is using shared memory
Hi all, I have 800 vectors having 765440 points of each. I need perform fft on all of those vectors and get the powers (Actually I need to plot all of those fft plots in one figure). But I am getting an OUT OF memory error. Fs equals to 25600 Hz. Power vector that I get for each vector contains 524288 points. Do you have an
Hi All, I wanna describe the behavioral model of resistive ram, i have done some work but i m not sure cos since it is a very new technology it is difficult to find some reference design, it would be really great if you know how to do it in vhdl or matlab.
hello my friends I need shannon fano coding m-file ,please help me how I can write shannon fano simulation in matlab!