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Hi, I work on moving object detection & tracking in matlab. If anyone requires help contact me.
can anybody give me the links or matlab code to detect object for tracking purpose using neural network ?
Hello everyone, i m using matlab to learning face detection and object tracking. please suggest me tutorial and sample code for it. how can i start from the basic? Oh,i m using built-in webcam of my laptop... thanx in advance....
You can make a object tracking (can be special colored object )or sound tracking system by using matlab and microcontroller.
Hi, I have a video sequence captured with a fixed thermal imaging camera. The sequence consists of many thousands of .RAW images. In it there is a vehicle (hot spot) which moves through the scene (which is largely static otherwise, apart from movement of trees, shrubs etc). As a project I have been asked to remove the vehicle from the scene,
Hi, I am pretty new on this forum. I have a background on coding with PIC and matlab. As of now, I have developed codes for object detection and tracking in matlab. My code detects a red object in an image/video and gives its centroid location. The red object is then tracked also as it (...)
I want to recognize Round Shapes in Real time and detect RGB color of object I have Done Color tracking Through webcam in matlab But I m Finding it difficult to recognize the round shapes directly through a webcam.. I m using Algorithm as provide in matlab demos 4*pi*area/perimeter^2 But Don't Know how to proceed through (...)
hola, soy estudiante de ing. electronica de la universidad surcolombina de Colombia y quisiera que me hicieran el favor de enviarmen el codigo de segumiento de objetos en matlab o cualquier informacion util, es que mi trabajo requiere de un contador de objetos en tiempo real, empleando matlab, se quiere realizar empleando una webcam [colo
I think youre confusing matlab with Regards
sir, i am M.Nareen of final year B.E i am in need of matlab program for fpga based shape pattern recognition system.kindly reply me the program. thank you sir
download this source code Sagar's Lab: object tracking using corss correlation ---------- Post added at 20:18 ---------- Previous post was at 20:16 ---------- use matlab image and video acquisition tool box. study t
correlation is an extremely simple task.Have you sorted out the camera and matlab interface? I don't know about the kalman filtering part. I used sum of absolute differences to track motion. First you'll have to acquire the image, identify the object using autocorrelation then, convert it into a logical image, then find centroid, then do all proc
sir, please send me the code for real time object tracking. i have webcam and it is connected with the computer. please help in acquiring the video from the cam and to track the object(hand) which i am selecting from the video. please help me. this is my final year project. email id::: adhikarikiran1 @ gmail thanks in advance
guies, i want to make a project on object tracking using matlab.I am reading the help documents provided under image acquisition (i read it whole)and image processing('m reading this ).but i cant figure out how to implement this in real time object tracking. there is no step (...)
Hello, Can anyone help me to implement online Gaussian model for object tracking. i need to use mean and variance . Please help me to implement it in matlab.
hi im working on real time moving object tracking as my final year project.I need some help regarding interfacing a webcam in matlab. pls send can mail me the code if you have............... My email
hi guyz... m doing ma project in image processing using matlab.... i need matlab code for object tracking ...plz can any 1 help me in this project...its very urgent.... plz help me by sending the matlab code ..plzzzzzzzz
Humm....I asked you to elaborate your problem.. long time ago i had used the concept of target tracking in my pick and place robotic arm with object recognition.the obj recognition part was done in matlab using neural networks and to track the object in the real time, a robotic arm(you wont believe but i was using dc (...)
dear all, i'm involved in a lidar project team (the tracking group)... plz, i need some good information about tracking & remote cameras...... also, need help on object tracking algorithms using matlab or c.. thanx in advance..