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I have built an ofdm transceiver with rayleigh channel using standard PDP's Like EPA,EVA and ETU.The problem is I am getting very high BER even for bpsk i.e 50-60 % or higher bits in error.Scatterplotting confirms ofdm transceiver blocks include: ---- Random Data -- Modulation(bpsk,QPSK,QAM) -- Serial2Parallel -- IFFT -- (...)
Hi all, I'm in dire need of the matlab code for BER of ofdm with MRC receiver over rayleigh fading channel for different modulation scheme such as bpsk, QPSK, M-QAM. If u have those, plz send to me: Thank u in advance.
i just wanted to start frm the main basic part for implementation of ofdm i need a matlab code for it:shock: Can any one PLEASE Help me with that please ... ! ?:?:
how to Simulate by code on matlab ofdm and test it using the Rayleigh fading channel &explain how to add cyclic prefix and removing with bpsk modulation &demodulation
Hi My Frindes I've designed transmitter - receiver ofdm in matlab. String of bits 0 and 1 will transfer well, but I am faced with the problem of transmitting sound.:-( I do not know, should be operational before the modulation using the instructions on how to do sound.:-( Please Help Me Sorry if the description is not flowing
Scatter plot - matlab
I don't know of a built in routine that will implement a block interleaver in matlab. I've always wrote my own.
Hello, I have some problems about plotting bpsk BER versus Eb/No with ofdm modulation. I have written a program shown below but it doesn't work. Can anyone help me please? clear; fc = 1; % Carrier frequency carrier = 4000; % Number of carrier Ts = 1/10; % Sampling time t = ;
I have a doubt. Should i use jakes model with input which should be uniformly distributed around a circle at angles αn with k rays emerging from each scatterer. but how to put it into matlab code....can i give train of bpsk symbols?.. Please help me ....if anyone has code please post
hi all , plz i am working with matlab to make a simulation for MIMO ofdm antenna in rayleigh fading channel and bpsk modulation ....plz help me
Hi everyone, I urgently need a help on Simulation on bpsk,ofdm in matlab base on the parameters modulation and communication method bpsk,ofdm Primary user transmit power 25 Path loss exponent 3 Reference distance (...)
i am writing code for equalizers in matlab ..can anyone help me
I am going to complete my PhD before X'mas in UK. And I am currently looking for a job. I have skills with C/C++, matlab, Fortran. And my research areas are as follow: Forward Error Correction (FEC), Error Control Coding, Turbo Codes, Convolutional Codes, Coded Modulation Systems, Modulations (bpsk, QPSK, QAM), ofdm, MIMO, WiMAX, WiFi, DVB, (...)
i am new to this stuff....can anyone help me about this.... how actually to plot this ber graph from matlab....suppose to use pragramming in matlab or simulink? can anyone show me the code to simulate this BER... thx first.... Added after 2 hours 13 minutes: If i already simulate a QAM-16...n count t