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Hi, I am looking for matlab code that show the difference between SISO and MIMO with 16 qam modulation and calculate BER. thanks a lot.
thanks in advance
hi, I need someone write to me steps of matlab to create stream of data (M-qam 16-qam modulation) like this steps b=randn(L,N)>0.5;%This is the 0 1 streams d=2.*b-1;%This is the corresponding -1 +1 streams (BPSK modulation) THANKS
Hi all I have code for single link (source- destination) using qam simulation to produce BER curve. however I need to add relay node between source and destination and produce BER curve. can anyone help me with this please here is the code (matlab) M = 16; % Size of signal constellation k = log2(M); % Nu
Any one knows how to get an OFDM/Offset qam modulator and demodulator with matlab?
can someone give me matlab code for comparison of various modulation techniques i.e. bpsk, qpsk, qam etc.
Hello, I want to simulate in matlab a Time domain Decision Feedback Equalizer. Let's call: Nff the number of feedforward coefficients, W = [w1 w2 ... wNff Nbb the number of feedback coefficients, B = [b1 b2 .. bNbb k the time instant I sent N samples d the delay of the eq
Hi All! A am a newbie in Simulink & matlab programming, but I need to implement qam64 modem in FPGA. The task is - do digital mixind I&Q channels in transmitter for sending it to DAC, then separate its in receiver after ADC. I found the HDL optimized model
I have built an OFDM transceiver with rayleigh channel using standard PDP's Like EPA,EVA and ETU.The problem is I am getting very high BER even for BPSK i.e 50-60 % or higher bits in error.Scatterplotting confirms OFDM transceiver blocks include: ---- Random Data -- Modulation(BPSK,QPSK,qam) -- Serial2Parallel -- IFFT -- CyclicPrefix >>>
Hello, I have written a matlab code for snr estimation based on M2, M4 and M6 moments for 16 qam signal. I am not able to get the estimated value of snr. Kindly have a look at the code and let me know what is wrong. I have also attached a doc file for your reference. The code is pretty easy to understand. You can also refer to the attached doc f
Hello, Im doing a project on OFDM, I'm having a little trouble getting the transmitter to work correctly (before any pulse shaping ). I have a simulation that creates the data using different modulation (M-qam/PSK) and now im at the stage of creating the OFDM symbol. I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me/ give me a code that g
Hello! I am writing two matlab scripts to calculate BER vs Eb/N0 for SIMO Selection Combining and Generalized Selection Combining. I need to calculate simulation BER versus theory BER for M-PSK and M-qam. I would appreciate if someone can give me (or provide me with a link or something) the theoretical BER formulas for: a) Selection Combining w
Respected Sir, can you kindly share with me, how to implement M-qam with matlab toolbox ?
I need matlab code for reduction of ici in ofdm with qpsk and qam monulation scheme.please help me
Good Afternoon I'm building a 16 qam modulator demodulator. I am having a problem with the lookup table. I can not determine the value of the "vector of input value" and "data table". please can you give me the value for the both parameter in its demodulator? or can you send your 16 qam models to study.? sorry I am bad in english. and I can not a
Hi all, I'm in dire need of the matlab code for BER of ofdm with MRC receiver over rayleigh fading channel for different modulation scheme such as BPSK, QPSK, M-qam. If u have those, plz send to me: Thank u in advance.
I have to implement a Dispersive qam MIMO System on matlab , but I really didn't find a solution , pleasee can you help me ???
Hi Experts, I need some information on plotting the constellation diagram of a QPSK or 16 qam or any other modulation. I have the QPSK I and Q samples in an excel sheet. Can i plot the constellation diagram with raw I and Q samples alone? I know we can use matlab to check this out.But is there any other alternate to do it for example: w
hello friends, can anybody help me plz , this is code for 16 qam , but i got straight line as output instead of as waterfall plzzzzz help me friends... :( :( n1=10^6; M=16; k=log2(M); ebnodb = -5:2:20; data = randint (1,n1); simBER_awgn=zeros(1,length(ebnodb)); trellis = poly2trellis(7,); codedata= convenc(data
Hello, so I am simulating 8 qam in matlab and have some questions about symbol error probability as my results are not making sense. d1, d2, d3 are bits(vectors) sent d1hat, d2hat, d3hat are the received (over AWGN channel) n is the number of symbols N=n*3 is the number of bits sent C1 = xor(d1,d_hat1); C2 = xor(d2,d_hat2); C3 = xor(
Hi every body i write matlab code for soft viterbi decoder and it's correct for MPSK. when i use it for qam modulator i get probability of error about 0.5. can anyone help me? or who have another matlab code for viterbi decoder that is usefull for 16qam?:sad:
if you want 6 bit/symbol you need a 64-qam modulation not 16-qam. in matlab: M= 64; Nsymbols = 1000; h = modem.qammod('M',M,'InputType','bit','SymbolOrder','gray'); bits = bits = round(rand(log2(M)*Nsymbols ,1)); x = modulate(h,bits); for the Rayleigh channel your model would be y = h*x + w; where h and w are complex
Hi, I want to know the matlab program to simulate the 32 qam. If you guys know please be kind enough to e mail me.thank you :D
hello , I 'm supposed to write a matlab code for qam modulation and demodulation ... and especially in demodulation part I have to include carrier and time synchronization part ... I know the theory but I dont know how to write the code and the main purpose is implementing on fpga ... can anyone help me?
please help me in this topic i.e,my source node has 140kb bits i have to devide this bitstream into 4 different substreams and transmit to 4 bneighbour nodes by using qam modulation please send the matlab code for this if anyone know this to this mail or reply to this thread thank you
use matlab's berawgn(...) function.
try harder doh click me. 8-O
Hi, The simplest is to use Simulink to generate WCDMA. Other options include specific matlab, Octave code. Further there are also C++ codes. All depends on your budget and time limitations. All of them support offline as well as quasi-real-time analysis
Scatter plot - matlab
Hey guys, I need to simulate a signal using a RS and a Convolutional Encoder blocks over a 64-qam Modulator block through a Rayleigh Fading Channel block on matlab/Simulink. Can someone give me a tip how to do it? I simply put them all together on Simulink but it gets an error messages all the time... I think I am mistaken about the input in the
search on the forum for the threads- "help in correcting error in following matlab code" you will get the some idea..... Good Luck
Hi , I've coded in matlab an OFDMA downlink transmission scheme (OFDM modulation for sure) using qam for each user, after that i wanted to implement a clipping function to reduce PAPR (PEAK to Average Power Ratio) until here everything gone fine, i fellowed the clipping function by implementing a pulse shaping filtring to reduce ISI (Inter symbo
hey did you get the matlab code of the problem you asked. actually i am also stucked in some what similar problem. if you could help me ?
Hi everyone. This is my first thread and I really need help. I have to create 16qam constellation diagram in matlab. Here are my data: frequency of carrier is 8000khz and sampling frequency is 32000khz. Amplitude is 5000(dont know if you need this). Here is my code in CCS (if is any help): #include "tonecfg.h" #include "math.h" #include "dsk
This is my very first post on this forum so I want to warmly welcome all of users. After few days of reasearch about digital modulation I've already started my bachelor's thesis. And of course without, as a begginer in digital modulations and in matlab as well I have some problems. I've started with QPSK modulator (I think ;)) unfortunate
Hello! I will appreciate if anyone can help me with matlab simulation. I try to demodulate (using modem.genqamdemod) 16 qam signal after slow flat Rayleigh channel and AWGN and my SER is always 0.5. What I have to do for propper result? Many thaks! Best regards, Den
Hello everyone! I would like to demodulate 16 qam modulated signal after Flat Rayleigh Channel and AWGN by usining modem.qamdemod. My BER graph is far from the thoretical. Any help will be appreciated. Den. Here is my code: % Create Rayleigh fading channel object. chan = rayleighchan; g = chan.PathGains % Retrie
Hi, Anyone has a code for adaptive modulation in wireless communication? I need to produce the BER vs SNR grapgh for qam with adaptive values of M... Anyone knows of matlab code for this? Thanks
Hi All, I am doing a project called "system design and analysis of MIMO SFBC CI-OFDM against nonlinear distortion".Can anybody help me with matlab code.Please send me all info you have.I have been trying hard from 6 months now but couldn't get thru it.I need code for BER of SFBC CI-OFDM using 16 qam. thank you in advance. hope you ha
i'm looking for program simulation 32 qam with matlab.. please send in my
if your looking towards using matlab, then if you have the communication toolbox there is a function called vitdec, which will decode it. Which qam are you talking about 8,16... The ML decoder uses a sliding window and gives the most reliable output. If you look at the communication toolbox most of what you have mentioned already exists. Includin
hello :) am designing a 16 qam modulator in both Simulink and sys gen as well in Simulink u can use a look up table LUT for the 2-to-4 level conversion, matlab help will provide u all the details u need and in the s2p conversion u can use a demux or the transpose block, or u can write ur own code the issues i encountered were in sys gen,
I am trying to make a cdma system for multiple users with different modulation schemes. I am having hard time getting the right design. I will really appreciate the help. Thanks
hi i am posting self cancellation code but i have some doubts clc; clear all; close all; ep= ; EbNo= 1:15; NS= 100; % No of OFDM symbols to transmit modulation= 'qam'; M=2; N= 52; % No of carriers in OFDM symbol BPS= N*log2(M); % No of bits per OFDM symbol carriers= (1:52)+ 2; ifftsize= 64; % IFFT size % I
Hello, I am new matlab user, and now I want to show effect of group delay on qam I found simple code for qam now I want to add Group delay to this code? clc; clear all; M=32; x=RANDINT(100e3,1,M); y=modulate(modem.qammod(M),x); ynoisy=awgn(y,27,'measured'); %%I think here we should have group delay?? (...)
hello ,please can help me for matlab simulation about(cdma200-with qam modulation)
hi all, I urgently need matlab coding for qam modulation with RS encoding, showing BER plot. N FM modulaion with RS encoding aswell THANKS!
Hi, I would like to know can "BERCODING" apply to qam? Because When i checked on matlab toolbox, it said that BERCODING is apply for QPSK. So if this does not apply to qam, what else qam can use to return upper bound value of the BER?
if anyone know about how to plot the BER in Pedestrian A so please please tell me , in OFDM 16 qam
Hi , I have edit my matlab code to suit for the 64 qam modulation. Below is my code for modulation + awgn + demodulation part. It works fine for 16 qam but an error of "index exceeds matrix limit" is popping out when modified to 64 qam. Hope anyone can ans me or help me to solve that prob. Thanks a lot. (...)