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You can use USB serial ports, provided that you connect the device before you start matlab, and provided that you are okay with the latency being 40 milliseconds per USB packet (unless the packet is full, somewhere around 1022 bytes.)
hello m new here.:roll: i wanna know How to interface fingerprint scanner with PC using matlab? i will b grateful if u can give code also ?? m using fingerprint module r303 along with max232 module
I'm not sure but I suspect you'll need to change them. RXRCPADJ looks like it might be Receive recovered clock phase adjust. Check to see if the difference between the values is large or small, if it's small you can probably get away without changing it. I suspect it's probably not that small a difference between the values
Hello, I am using Virtex-4 RocketIO MGT with 12 RX channels. It works at 6.4 GS/s. I am using matlab to see the output of these different channels. At present the channels sometimes get synchronized after several reset or re-programming FPGA or several read from rs232 port. ADC is the input. I have redesigned the GT11_INIT_RX 'fsm' generated
Hi all, I have been trying to interface matlab with rs232 i came across this I downloaded the GetSerialData.cpp file, GerSerialData.dll and StdAfx.h. I put the files in the same directrory as the link above suggests. I get to a point where the program asks to select a compiler, I typed matlab
hi, all when i send 11001100 from matlab to my 8051 kit using usb to rs232 i receive 11100000 my is the error in my code or in max232 connections my code for recieving below: org 2000h mov tmod,#20h mov th1,#0fah mov scon,#50h setb tr1 here:jnb ri,here mov a,sbuf mov p1,a clr ri sjmp here end max232 connection in the following picture
hi,all i want to ask if i use usb to rs232 adapter will change the bits pattern of my binary data when i send binary byte from matlab via usb to rs232 adapter im try and try all formats of fwrite function to send binary data from matlab and display it to 8051 leds .i notice when i seend fwrite(s,00000001,'uint8') i receive (...)
hi every one i am trying to write program to make communication between matlab and pic16f877 but when i tried to send string value from matlab to pic using "fprintf" in matlab and "gets" in ccs compiler it didn't work although when i tried to send character from matlab to pic using "fprintf" in matlab (...)
Hi, first of all, I am new into this forum, I am young, and I am french, so hello everyone, and sorry for my bad english. Okay, I explain my problem now, I would like to receive data in live into matlab, from a wiresensor (potentiometer), through a PowerLab (data acquisition board : Apparently, I can give
Hi, General steps. 1. See through which interface you can use to control like rs232,USB,GPIB or LAN. Different machines will have different interfaces to remote control. I have controlled spectrum analyser 2. Generally matlab will have a support from Mfr web. if you have driver download it and use it. easy way 3. Otherwise most of the measuring i
I've done data telemetry with matlab before using matlab's built-in serial port functionality. But that means you need to build the hardware to sample the EEG signals, and send them to the PC via rs232 or USB. There's a considerable amount of hardware and software design involved in that. Alternatively you could buy a DAQ module, like (...)
I am trying to interface an 16F887 and matlab using the serial port. I am using the CCS C compiler. I am able to run the ex_float.c example using hyperterminal. But when I tried the following code to get 3 characters from matlab, it is giving weird numbers. #include<16F887.h> #fuses HS, NOWDT, PUT, NOPROTECT, NODEBUG, BROWNOUT, NOL
Freinds,I am doing project on lpc this project lpc will generate waves with help of input given through uart such as press 1.for tringular 2.Sawtooth...... but i have to show these output waveforms using matlab as soon as user will press the key for suitable waveform. plz help me regarding these problem.user interface is through uart....
You may want study the examples below: Serial Interface (RS-232 and RS-485) and matlab Interfacing with matlab through
Hello all I want to send some data on to a terminal in another PC using some code in matlab and want to receive the data from the terminal using serial port communication and I just want some code and please any one help in that ASAP.
output of serial port is ac or dc (db9)
Hi All, I have interfaced my data aquisition system consisting of a AT89C51 microcontroller with matlab on my PC for real time Harmonic analysis of power signals( continuous monitoring). My question is is there a way to notify my microcontroller tht the input buffer of the matlab is full so that it stops sending data and begins anewcyle? Please
I want to interface 8051 with webcam such that it sends video to 8051 which further sent to the computer via rs232 serial port for image processing using matlab.Reason for first sending the images to 8051 is that , I want to make a robot which captures the video and sends to the PC via serial port and computer controls the motion of the robot accor
see this Serial - matlab Serial - Instrument Control Toolbox
Doing this in matlab shouldn't be a problem. There are plenty of in-built functions and blocks in simulink which can do this. All you have to do is put these parts together can configure them. This is one good place to start with: Serial - matlab Serial - Instrument Control Too