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hey thanku for the reply... i am a no-nothing in u have to kindly tell me how do i repeat the plot
Hello everybody, I have a wave sound file, how can I add a noise on it by matlab? Thanks in advance Mahmoud
dear with "function" type matlab M file u can invoke any program for arbitrary various desired input arguments. see matlab help ''function''. Savor, Best
Buy the book on matlab .
Hi guys, this is almost exactly the same problem as this already solved one: In the linked case, it can be resolved through explicitly converting every integer variable into double forma
the plot u wanted is between the transfer function and the frequency range from 0 to 1.5MHz. Make a frequency vector from 0 to 1.5MHz with 100Hz step. then u will have to numerically evaluate ur transfer function in matlab for the vector. Use the plot function to plot the graph like plot(freq_vector, (...)
will u pl post the code ? - - - Updated - - - I make changes to my code according to ur rply.But textbox is not showing function varargout = m3(varargin) % M3 M-file for m3.fig % M3, by itself, creates a new M3 or raises the existing % singleton*. % % H = M3 returns the handle to a new M3 or the handl
hii, I am doing a project on neutral instability curve for rayleigh bernerd convection problem . the curve to be formulated using GA with the given fitness function (1/c) for a pair of (Ra, k ) say 200 c values exist many such pairs exist initial population given , after crossover, reproduction mutation , members of next generation are forced to
ok you need to use matlab. In matlab just type iduidemo. for more help
I'm trying to design a half band filter for interpolation used in Sigma delta modulator. Current using matlab delsig toolbox by Richard Schreier.. There is a function designHBF. I try the example given and got the result as stated in the pdf which is the snap shot below. I cant understand how connect the value obtain with the diagram given. Anyo
Hiii i am working on a proj n realli need help for gettin ber plots with matlb...i am searching for a code coz i cant use the biterr function as i need therotical n simulated values thanks in advance :D
As said, low-pass transfer function is different from integrator, thus you get different noise shaping. You may want to calculate it using the Schreyer's popular matlab toolbox or a different method of your choice. First order SD noise shaping isn't mind blowing in any case, also the transfer function is at least similar to an integrator (...)
It will only return the syndrome and not k(error in kth position) I wrote a test function to return two values and it work, but for some reason it's not returning the 2 values I want. thanks in advance. example msg r1 = should return s = (which it does) and k = 11 function = getsyndm
i use this code for generating a PN code and the matlab show me this error " ??? Undefined function or method 'PN' for input arguments of type 'char'. please help me what the error in code %PN_sequence_generation.m clear clc G=63; % Code length %Generation of first m-sequence using generator polynomial
You simply multiply the time-domain signal by the window before you perform the FFT. I haven't used matlab in a while, but I believe there is a built in Hanning function (and maybe others?). Even if not, it's pretty easy to generate those windows manually.
dear all, i need help on how to get a code on matlab about uplink and downlink pathloss!! i need to make a function for the link budget and then call it for different propagation models!!! For LTE, the basic RLB equation can be written as follows (in units of dB): PathLos = TxPower + TxGains - TxLosses - RequiredSINR + RxGains - RxLosses - RxNoise
hi i have a project to do on matlab and i have to get a function for radio link budget for both uplink and downlink in order to use it after in calculations with proragation models! my problem is that i dont know how to put the parameters on the code and if i have to give the values they get !! please if anyone has done something similar it would h
helloi hae writtten the following code on matlab data = randi(2^52,); m = de2bi(uint64(data),64); groups = boolean(m'); in this code the matrix groups is a boolean matrix with each entry 1 bit a 0 or 1 in the first row there is the LSBs of all 64 numbers generated by the randi function i want to store this row in a UINT64 variable
hello Eminent.Engineer, I hve also designed a delta sigma ADC and i calculate the SNR order to caculate the SNR after the modulator you must make the fast fourier transform function (FFT) by matlab after the modulator. About the decimation,until now i have designed the complete ADC in Smulink (matlab) then by using CADENCE, i only designed t
Hi zorro, what if "z" is also a function of two variables, for example, z(x,y)? thanks... Hi, Exact formulas for the derivatives can be obtained symbolically. With symbolic toolbox in matlab, the following lines give it for the first kind (put besselk for the second kind): syms z; syms nu; diff(besselj(nu,z),z) The results are: