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I am trying to understand how the spectrum analyser in SIMULINK (matlab) works, by simulating a model which inputs a simple cosine wave into the spectrum analyser and then observing the power spectrum on the analyser. I have set the WINDOW function in the anayser to RECTANGULAR and the sampling frquency to 20 times the frequency of the (...)
Hello everybody I need to design a Bandstop filter with matlab , but I do not what to do :sad: . Can anyone help me please? Thanks
please read the following code in matlab for chopper amplifier Fs = 16*131072 ; % Modulator sampling frequency Fs = 2^17Hz how did they get these values in the code when following values are applicable to the op-amp according to the design? modulator frequency =16khz amplifier bandwidth=32khz input signal (...)
Hello!! Everyone I am using Saleae Logic Analyzer to capture signals from the PS2 Keypad, and it works perfectly. But i want to save these signals for future analysis, so i saw export option in which we can export data in matlab. Channel-0 is connected to Clock and Channel-1 is connected to Data Pin of PS2 Keyboard. sampling frequency is (...)
This is the file in touchstone(S1P) format . It is in frequency domain .we need to convert it to time domain.we got it from Vector Network analyzer.And frequency rang is from 3 to 10 GHz. Total number of sample is 201.the S11 is in dB.the file contain three column first column contain frequency second column dBS11 and third show (...)
Hello everyone. I am trying to plot frequency of a sine wave Vs time in simulink. I have changed to frequency from time to time to make sure that my blocks are able to detect frequency change. However, i get a delay response by half fundamental cycle when the frequency changes from magnitude to another.. My question is : (...)
hi i am using a filter of passband frequency of order 128 hamming filter i am giving sine signal of frequency 6500 and the sine signal is not perfect because it is higher frequency. i am getting glitches and when test the frequency in fft i am getting glitches. please help me in testing that filter
Without knowing details of matlab command, different frequency results for different Fs would happen if your sampling freq was a sub-frequency of the sampled one. I.e. when you do sub-sampling and the aliased component only is output. Is your example case a real case or hypothetical ? I cannot work out (...)
hi my specifications are passband frequencies are 200 and 315 for a band pass filter i have to design a filter bank with a range of frequencies. this is first frequency band i have to design a fir filter bank form 200 to 7500 hz. my sampling frequency should be more than 15000 i took it as 16000. the stop band (...)
I try to get a first order notch filter at 50hz and sampling frequency(Fs) 200 Hz in matlab I wrote some code but didn't work dt=1/200; //1/fs t=0:dt:0.2; x=cos(2*pi*25*t)+cos(2*pi*50*t); y=filter(x,------); //I dont know what I must write here plot(Y(w)); //I must write here laplace of y(w) How can do that
I have simple smooth time signal with different time periods. I would like to transfer period over the time to frequency, and to present frequency changing over the time, I would call it Instantaneous frequency? Here is matlab Code, is it right? x = data; z = hilbert(x); N = length(z); fs= sampling (...)
sampling frequency should be as low as possible to allow handy filter order, but must at least fulfill the Nyquist criterion for the input signal. You can play around with the matlab filter tool to get a feeling of meaningful filter parameters. I find IIR filters more effective for my range of applications.
Hi, I have this filter: d = fdesign.pandpass('n,F3dB',3,50e3, 200e6); Hd = design(d,'butter'); which I want to plot at a central frequency of 868.3 MHz. Could you pleaase help me with this? Thank you in advance!
Hi all, I want to design filter to implement on FPGA with a mentioned parameters in subject but when i am starting to design it on matlab fdatool, it gives very high order filter result, and when i decrease or set by myself upto 10 order its impulse response is not good as i want. Any idea will be highly appreciable. Regards, Umair
Hi there! I have an assignment that goes as follows: Pulse compression by using a Linear FM signal 1) Consider a (real) Linear FM signal with a center frequency, f0= 1250 MHz, a bandwidth, B = 100 MHz, and a length, T = 0.15 ?s. - What is the required sampling frequency, fs? - Derive an
Hi, I understand u have data with 100 samples per second ( assuming dt = 0.01s is the sampling interval) this will give your nyquist frequency as fs/2 = 50 Hz, this is important as the cut off frequency of your filter is normalized with respect to the nyquist frequency. fc is your cutoff frquency you need to ge
Do you use matlab? If so, consider an approach like this: close all; clear all; clc; % Define sampling times dt = 0.001; t = (0:dt:5).'; % Sine frequency f = 3; % Amplitudes A1 = 2.6; A2 = 0.7; % Phases phi1 = 0.4; phi2 = -0.3; % Sinusoids x1 = A1*cos(2*pi*f*t + phi1); x2 = A2*cos(2*pi*f*t + phi2); % Estimated am
Hello All, The code for ASK-4 is as follows: N = 8; % The number of bits to send - Frame Length bit_stream = round(rand(1,N)) % Random bit stream A1 = 3; % Amplitude for 0 bit A2 = 5; % Amplitude for 1 bit f = 3; % frequency of Modulating Signal fs = 100; % sampling rate t = 0:1/fs:1; % Time for 1 bit % This time variable is just for p
Hello!!! I am not able to generate Sine wave of frequency 200Hz when configured PWM frequency of PIC16F877A to 10KHz and PIC is operating at 20MhZ Crystal. This is matlab Code to generate table. fsampling = 10000; %10Khz sampling Rate F = 200; %200hz frequency (...)
Hi, I have post this question to matlab but no one answer :(. Hope someone help me in here. I have tried to plot the chirp signal from 20MHz to 70MHz in time domain and frequency domain. The target time and sweep time is set to 3 ms. Normally I see slew rate =1s, dont know why?. sampling time = 140 us and samples per frame = 4096. The (...)
hi guys, when i generate a random data in matlab and i want to apply a lowpass filter to these data , how can i identify it's maximum frequency in order to determine the sampling frequency that i will use as an input to my filter for example : x=randint(1,10); %%% random bits a=modem.pskmod(4); %%%% QPSK object (...)
I should design a digital filter of first order ADC Sigma-Delta converter with 8 bits, an over sampling ratio of 64 (OSR = 64),and sampling frequency of 10.24MHz.I make it with matlab SIMULINK as shown in this
Hi there, I have a problem with the phase of my differentiator. I designed it with two methods (frequency sampling and Remez algorithm) in matlab (fir2 and firpm) when I use a filter types with odd-order everything is right. If I take one with even order I had a phase-shift between the input and the output which dependet on (...)
Can anybody help me with these two questions as im abit stuck on how to do these in matlab (A) Generate the following Discrete-time signals for N the number of samples = 256 and fs the sampling frequency = 50 Hz. Obtain the Discrete Fourier Transforms of each signal. Plot all results on appropriately labeled graphs. Pay particular (...)
i hv written code for sigma delta modulator of DAC in matlab, i m taking input frequency 20khz and nyqiust frequency 48khz,over sampling ration 128.i got spectrum of modulator using hanning window with frequency 3000(normalised frequency) but really i confused how to measure SNR of this (...)
hi, can u please tell me how I can calculate the fir filter coefficient calculation in matlab using frequency sampling method and window method for 16 taps.
well in this I disagree, since increasing the sampling speed ofcourse helps, e.g. (and can test on matlab simply) if 1 Khz signal is sampled using 3 Khz the result is actually almost no use. while increasing the sampling rate will increase the quality of signal. Simply put the more the sampling rate, the less is the (...)
Hi all, I have never done a lot with matlab but have an assignment to do the requires me to use stem functions to investigate natural sampling of a single base band frequency. I have got the sampling frequency done using the stem functions but am not sure how to go about combing the two. The info signal (...)
Hi Friends, Please help me how to sample a signal in frequency domain using PIC16F877A. as like we sample in matlab giving a input signal and sample. I need how to frequency sample a signal using PIC 16F877A. Thnx in Advance
Hi, The description of your need is not completely clear to me, but what i see is that you have a signal with some sampling frequency and you need the samples at a different sampling frequency. In this case, the resample function will work. Look at doc resample or help resample and matlab will suggest you (...)
Dont implement passband simulation of such a high frequency. I think it is a solver problem (menu Simulation - Configuration parameters). The internal default matlab sampling frequency. I placed in an empty model sine wave generator and scope. Set your frequency and set the configuration parameter for (...)
Hello friends, I am facing problem in implementing IIR filter. I have determined the coefficient for the first order Butterworth filter using matlab FDATOOL with sampling frequency 2000 Hz and cutoff frequency 100 Hz and used it to filter the AC signal but it isn't working. To implement this I took the adc sample in (...)
When you supply the scalar sampling frequency fs as an input argument to freqz, the frequency ranges from 0 to fs/2 Hz. - This is from matlab help on freqz function. Taking fs you may estimate 700 hz to 1600 hz by yourself. Also you may make a FFT of filter impulse response (this will be your spectrum) and do with it what (...)
Pass band 4-6 kHz Transition width 0.5kHz Pass band ripple 1dB Stop band attenuation 50dB sampling frequency 20kHZ FFT frame length 512 a) Apply the optimal method to design and implement (i) the pass band and stop band ripples (ii)The filter order and filter length N (iii) Filter realization structure b)write matlab program
Hi, I need to apply the Doppler effect to a music file, I invoke the music file by using the waveread command, How do I proceed next (frequency spectrum, apparent frequency etc.)?
Hi, I would like to run the QPSK at 13.56 MHz of carrier frequency. Any one have a matlab code please send me one. I have tried to write this code but did not work at 13.56 MHz. Wont know what wrong is my code?. In my code, I write the carrier at 13.56Mhz and sampling frequency at 120KHz. When I take FFT of signal it (...)
I have designed the SAR ADC of 8 bit with sampling frequency of 1MHz in cadence.For calculating the dynamic performance , i have used code provided by Maxim . for exporting data , i have used the tool called TABLE in cadence and saved as . csv file and for processing , i deleted the time and heading of Table and saved as txt file and fed to the mat
Use the matlab FFT command Scale / calibrate the frequency data with the sampling rate data and number of time domain samples Scale / calibrate the amplitude data with the number of time domain samples
hello. i am having some problem on demodulating my signal maybe some one can help me below is my code %% create DATA fc=13.56E6; % carrier frequency fm=fc/32; % modulation frequency fs=fc*4; %sampling frequency tb=512/fc; %time length of 1 bit To=8*tb; %length of 8 bit (...)
Heya Scott - unevenly sampled data is a turd! Two options spring to mind: 1. Resample the data onto a 1ms grid and go from there, or 2. Use spectral estimation techniques that don't rely on regular sampling, such as the Lomb-Scargle periodogram described in Numerical Recipes ( ). I see someone has kindly written a function
Hello I need to design FIR filter with cutoff frequency 100 Hz (with attenuation 3 dB at cutoff frequency), sampling frequency = 1000Hz and having 3rd order Butterworth characteristics, using the various types of window functions Can anyone give me some ideas on how to do this? Also, could you please tell me how to do (...)
Hi everyone. This is my first thread and I really need help. I have to create 16QAM constellation diagram in matlab. Here are my data: frequency of carrier is 8000khz and sampling frequency is 32000khz. Amplitude is 5000(dont know if you need this). Here is my code in CCS (if is any help): #include "tonecfg.h" #include (...)
Hi All, I have done conservative transient simulation in Cadence after doing ADC. I am trying to post process the output in matlab using FFT. I have a 10ns period (sampling) but in between periods I have almost 400 points of data in between. This makes it hard to calculate the downsampling frequency since the number can (...)
Dear All, I am trying to implement an FIR band pass filter using fir1() function but I am confused in normalizing the frequencies.Whether I had to divide my frequencies by fs or fs/2 for normalization to be used as Wn. Which one will give me the correct results?I had divided my band freq range by fs/2
Hello Everyone I have a speech signal that I have read using wavread, whose details are: Sound is a vewel 'a' sampling frequency = Fs = 44.1Khz Sample values = data I need to estimate the first three formants f1,f2,f3 of this vowel. Can any body provide me some matlab code or routine that could estimate the formants for this (...)
Hi bjmoloi, If you want a Graphical User Interface, use fdatool (Filter Design & Analysis Tool). If you need a function, use firpm (or remez in old matlab versions). Regards Z
Hi, I am simulating vibrations in simulink and processing my results in matlab. I am trying plot the PSD for my acceleration results using pwlech method. When I plot the PSD plots from the methods below (NOTE:I have a sampling rate of 0.006 so that means I am using a sample frequency of Fs=1/0.006=166) Pwelch(x,,,2024,fs) Or =pwel
thanks andre. but is there some problem in my code. my book question says DFT (a) generate a sinusoid 05 .5 Khz with sampling freq 6 Khz (b) plot the original signal using stem I think first two parts are done. the third part says abt complex exponentials can u also help me to write matlab code to compute its complex exponentials.
when i want to calculate the SNR of output of sigma delta i run the design on cadence for 6 sec(as i have input=100hz &sampling frequency =50Khz) and i take it on matlab to calcsnr when i take samples very close from end the snr become 97db but when i go to the middle it become 60db so how many samples i take from the file and from where
As far as I understood your question you can simply group all the signals in a single vector. The command is: ytot = ; Please check the synopsis in matlab, since I'm actually using Scilab (however I think shouldn't be different)

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