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What kind of analysis used? An FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) analysis. With the tabular outputs of such an analysis you can generate such curves using the wavetool, or by exporting the FFT result values to an appropriate presentation tool like Excel, matlab ...
Dear engineers, I have a really important problem!I made a second order Sigma delta modulator in matlab Simulink(OSR=128,vin=0.7,fin=1.5625KHz,fs=12.8MHz),I modeled the effect of Slew-rate and GBW in Simulink!when I ask matlab to calculate SNR of the ideal one, it gives 107.1dB(by hand calculation I get SNR=111.4dB) but when I add the Slew rate an
Hi I want to calculate SNR,sndr,SFDR,ENOB of designed ADC. I want to use matlab for processing. I have designde ADC in cadence spectra and do the tansient analysis by sine wave as the i/p. Can anyone tell me should I use ideal DAC at the o/p of ADC and take the reconstructed sine signal to matlab or only digital bits of transient (...)
Hi guys, I am simulating 3bit ΣΔ ADC using HSPICE. a 3bit-flash quantizer used in ΣΔ ADC. how can implementation ideal thermometer coded DAC in hspice (using control voltage sources) to convert 7 thermometer code to one output for return the data to matlab, and calculating sndr SFDR ,........... thank you very much
hi folks. i am trying to test the 10 bit pipelined ADC schematic i designed. The procedure i am following for finding the sndr is " take a sinusoidal input signal nearer to full scale range.Using an ideal DAC reconstruct the signal. Plot its FFT ,say for 1024 points,take those values and find sndr, THD, SFDR , SNR from matlab by giving (...)
using a simple matlab code, take FFT from you output over specified number of points
hi everyone I am trying to simulate ADC for SFDR,SNR,THD and sndr. The matlab code is attached as below. I am new in matlab and couldn't fully understand the program. To simulate, I input low frequency sinewave signal and the ADC is running at 50Ms/s. (1) Can somebody explain the program below. %find the signal bin number, (...)
use shrier tool box from matlab....
hi i want to find some matlab programms for calculating the snr&sndr of the sigma-delta modulator the input signal frequency is 1k and the osr is 256 can anybody help me to give me the codes? thank u very much.
Hi, I am going to build the simulink models of a Pipeline ADC, including SHA, each stage of pipeline ADC,clock generation, digital correction. The non-ideal of switched-capacitor opamp should be included. Eventually I can get the plots of INL, DNL, SFDR, sndr, and ENOB in the matlab. Is there any examples I can follow? Or where to get more informa
Hi all. i'm working on a s/h for 100M/S 14bit adc.since my SFDR is come with sndr,that's means catch the output data and use matlab code for calculation.just like for whole adc dynamic matter with Hspice or Spectre. But,there's seems someone directly got SFDR for s/h in cadence,my question is after s/h ,the signal isn't a continu
Can somebody please help me on how to determine the sndr, sfdr and enob of my 10 bit Single Slope ADC for CMOS Image Sensors using matlab.. I would very much appreciate it if someone could post the code here .. Thank you!! hyuugapatik
HI all, I need some clarification on calculating SNR/sndr. I did cadence simulation of a sample and hold circuit and then took the FFT of the output. ( i did that keeping in mind the proper method of dealing sample data FFTs) now i want to calculate the SNR/sndr and i want to use matlab. I have following confusion. (i save the FFT in (...)
I'm designing a 2nd order delta sigma ADC. I want to compare the systematic results with circuit design. In matlab I have a 73 dB sndr but in HSpice (all blocks are ideal) I have 66 dB sndr. I don't know why? What could be the reason?
DStoolbox's hann is as below, and use it to calculate sigma delta sndr have different value vs matlab' hann. why does DStoolbox's hann always have better performance than matlab's hann? which result is accurate? thanks.... ***********************DStoolbox's hann********************** function w = hann(n) % function w = (...)
Hi I have built digital correction logic in matlab . How to send the H-spice result into matlab for calculate sndr? THANKS
Hi All, I am building a delta-sigma ADC in Cadence, and need to measure its sndr. For that, I want to import the waveform and then manipulate it in matlab. According to the course's tutorial, there is a "printvs" function in the calculator. I just can't find it at all. I am using SpectreS for simulation. Could someone walk me through the step
As the title. I am going to simulate the smapling jitter effect and pulth width jitter influence on the sndr of delta sigma modulator. So I need to model the clock jitter and pulth width jitter in simulink. Does any one know how to model them in matlab and simulink? I need the code badly. Thanks!
of course, you also can use matlab if you post the data to matlab.
Hi wan, You should use a transient analysis and move the results to matlab or any other software suitable for math calculations (I always prefer using matlab). Then there you can perform FFT function and find SFDR and sndr of your S/H front-end stage. Since this stage is the front-end of the whole system so its performance should be better (...)