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Hi brothers and Sisters of this blessed world. I'm doing a mini project on Multimodal biometric. Can someone please guide me to any source code for ECG authentication using matlab.
Check out this course website. It has matlab codes, videos, and more.
Hi, We are doing a project based on G.726 ADPCM.We are trying to convert the source code in C language into matlab code.Could you please help us.Here we attaching the source code.
Export that as csv file. and use configure a file base stimulus in PSpice and configure exported data from matlab as input file to stimulus source. You may need to modify the exported data a bit - like adding appropriate header etc to make it valid stimulus
I am looking to minimize the energy consumption per bit for in wireless sensor network with the help of incorporating cooperative MIMO techniques. Please help me with source code (matlab/ns2) for simulating such scenarios.
Hi all, I have a source and destination separed by a distance d=100m; I suppose that the energy consumption of this communication is a linear function of distance E=k*d; matlab code d=0:100; k=3; E=k.*d; plot(d,E); now I want to insert a node N every 25m, so, I get source and destination separed by 3 node (...)
In matlab you can write abs(hsr)^2
The manufacturer of this board provide a device driver source code so that you can create your own back end C++ resident application to get the acquired data and send it to matlab within supported communication interfaces such as a (virtual) serial port for example.
Hello Sir, Can anyone provide me simple matlab code for joint source channel coding. Thank you.
Hi, I have been doing some simulations in my PA using Lte signal and Wcdma signal generated by matlab. I used a bass band signal generated in the matlab to use in a source in ADS to simulate my PA in 2.4 GHz, but I had a script to do this signal and now I need a 802.11n Wlan signal. I would like to know if someone can help me in this case (...)
can any one help me in design turbo decoder please
i need FDTD-1D (gauss source) matlab code and with PML. please!!! help me.
hai can anyone pls send me matlab coding for 4*4 mimo mccdma system.i need this for my btech project.pls kindly someone help me,since we dont have any source online.
Hello everyone, I am a student of M.Tech VLSI Design final year. I am doing project on Viterbi decoder using Artificial Neural Networks. Please, if anyone are doing same project share your ideas. If any open source code (matlab or any other programming code) you are having means share me.
in my recent work for wsn , i faced some questions about what is the differences Gaussian source ,Gaussian *Noise,and and Gaussian Distribution nodes for wireless sensor network . and how i can implement that in matlab ? :shock::shock::shock:
hi every one; i am studied an article with title
Hi all I have code for single link (source- destination) using QAM simulation to produce BER curve. however I need to add relay node between source and destination and produce BER curve. can anyone help me with this please here is the code (matlab) M = 16; % Size of signal constellation k = log2(M); % Nu
Need C source code for Radix-22 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm. Need matlab code for Radix-2 FFT decimation-in-frequency algorithm.
I believe, the challenge in designing FPGA image processing algorithms is to organize the sequential processing of image elements, using internal or external RAM as data source and sink. I won't expect that a HDL coder has the intelligence to achieve this. The focus of the matlab HDL coder is particularly speeding up simulation code by utilizing
Hello, does anyone know any idea how to convert C code to matlab? I already have a complete working C code without errors. Just want to know how to convert C code to matlab.