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Hi, i want to get the overall pnoise of the PLL in matlab, so i firstly stimulus the pnoise of several components in the cadence ADE, the simulation pnoise of Divider is about -120~-130dBc/Hz, and the noise power spectral density is about -160~-170dB/sqrt(Hz), i want to know is it normal? if it's correct, what's the relationship between the divider
Good day colleagues, please can anyone help with the matlab codes for the simulation of the performance of MIMO-OFDM system in a Nakagami q fading channel using different modulation schemes, antenna configuration, and equalization techniques? the performance measures to be used are the spectral efficiency, outage probability, and average fade du
Hi, i took 2000 samples from my ADC in 20microSeconds , and i have voltage-time data. I want to calculate noise floor since i don't have any signal and i terminated the input with 50 Ohm. My ADC's sampling rate is 100MHz . With the two program below i can plot in the frequency domain. One of it's Ylabel dBm and other one is dBm/Hz i guess . But are
Good evening. I am simulating a MIMO channel, but I have a doubt about adding noise. I am measuring the BER vs EbNo, but matlab function AWGN requests SNR. I already know that SNR = EbNo + 10log(spectral efficiency), but I don't know what spectral efficiency is while transmiting 4x4 mode with QPSK modulation in each channel. The whole (...)
Hey everyone Can you please help me out with these questions 1- What are the differences and similarities between the results of application fft.m, spectrogram.m and pwelch.m to the same data. 2- What spectral analysis tool you found most useful for the analysed signals and what was not good with the other methods. Thank you so much
Hi how to calculate the FFT of image of stripes in matlab ??
hi all i need matlab code for Feature Extraction of EEG by spectral power density for control mobile robot matlab code for Feature Extraction of EEG by spectral power density for control
I want to do a comparison of power spectral density of BFSK,4FSK and 8FSK by using matlab baseband module "fskmod".Following is the code: M = 2; freqsep = 32; nsamp = 4; Fs = 64; x = randint(1000,1,M); % Random signal y = fskmod(x,M,freqsep,nsamp,Fs); % Modulate. ly = length(y); % Create an FFT plot. freq = ;
can any body explain step by step code(including matrix dimensions) of ssboll79 matlab file...code is pls give me detailed explaination... function output=SSBoll79(signal,fs,IS) = wavread('input.wav'); % OUTPUT=SSBOLL79(S,FS,IS) % spectral Subtraction based on Boll 79. Amplitude spectral subtraction % Includes Magnitude Averag
Please Can anybody help me with any matlab code to calculate the impedance matrix elements of microstrip lines and dipoles using the MoM in the spectral domain, given by the infinite double integral of: G.Jm.Jn.dkx.dky G : Green's function J : current density To determine the input impedance Thanks
hi,can anyone send the matlab code for speech enhancement using spectral subtraction, actually i try to run tat code..but it has an error
can u plz send the matlab coding of speech enhancement using spectral subtraction method...and which method is good for improve the speech quality??
please can anyone help me with matlab code for achieving spectral efficiency (upto2bit/s/)Hz of MIMO-WCDMA using OSTBC?
Hi all, Basically, I made a physical experiment and saved the output data from the oscilloscope in .csv file type. So now I have lots of data with the .csv format. My next step is to process this data, and get the spectrums, SNR's, and power spectral density (PSD) plots. My first option was to use matlab to process the data. I semi-followed
An algorithm was designed and implemented in matlab. It extracts all the spectral components of the up-sampled signal using FFT. All the frequency peaks calculated were stored in an array vector in the work space. Variance in the values contained within this array was calculated and this variance was taken as the frequency feature of the signal
what I have to do is to calculate the noise in a signal and see how it depends on the frequency spectrum. I am trying to calculate PSD of a signal but everytime, I get an error saying "vectors must be the same lengths". I am not able to find a solution. Here is command which I'm using. please let me know if there is
I have written a matlab program for speech recognition. but it works randomely i have checked he algorothms . can you tell which maerial i shoul study to make it speaker independent? please help me out with this problem?/
hai i wanted to start a project abt voice recognition in matlab but n a beginner in matlab so can someone please help me with finding the source code?
here is my code, it is working. i have implemented Boll's 1979 algorithm from matlab into Java. it's working great and i get the same results however i want to use it for Android. and my real-time skills are not good. can someone please help me with optimizing this code. or give me a dire
hi, I should extract bellow features of GSR signal. please help me if you have their matlab codes. 1-number of local minima in the GSR signal 2-average rising time of the GSR signal 3-10 spectral power in the Hz bands 4-zero crossing rate of Skin conductance slow response (SCSR)Hz, zero crossing rate of Skin conductance very slo