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Hi everybody, By using 2014a matlab Simulink, I designed a voltage to time converter as a sub-system but an error which you can see in attachments occurred; then I changed my design but again I faced many errors, how can I change my design? I'm looking forward your answer! Thank you very much! (...)
I using Xilinx system generator blocks in matlab. I simply using only a black box with a gateway in and gateway out. The code for the black box is very simple and work correctly with ISE design suite library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use ieee.numeric_std.ALL; entity test44_vhdl is Port ( row : in std_logic_vector
need help to design the following switching in seven level inverter as shown in image attached with it using simulink matlab in simpower system plz help me to design following switching
MPPT is a frequent topic at this forum. You can look through several related threads, listed at the bottom of this column. Clicking one will lead you to others. Also try a search on 'MPPT matlab'.
Hello guys, I am design a kind of circuit that contains integrator and comparator and I want to do a system level design by using matlab before I will do the circuit design I can represent the integrator by transfer function of 1/s but how can I represent the transfer function for the comparator?? I (...)
convert matlab code to HDL or VHDL HDL Coder can be used to generate Verilog/VHDL codes for Altera/Xilinx FPGAs.
i would like to simulate a super capacitor in mat lab power system environment. the super capacitor is to be connected with a solar panel through a power conditioning unit. i have used a two branch model . how to design the parameters and check the super capacitor characteristics.
I have designed a circuit in Cadence Orcad. I need to have a model of this circuit in matlab or C for further analysis and modeling of the entire system. Why not analyze the design in Orcad? After all that is one of its intend purposes. BigDog
hi I got a job offer in matlab domain . Can anybody explain Wat is the use of matlab in embedded system and career in matlab domain ? I am Fpga student having good knowledge abt Fpga design can I able to get into Fpga having experience in matlab ? plz explain Urgently
I am about to finish my Master's in Electrical Engg with Digital Communications specialization in Canada. I have good knowledge of DSP, matlab, FPGA design using Verilog, Verification using system Verilog. I have an experience of about six years (five years in Hardware testing and one year in ASIC verification) outside of Canada and I am (...)
that possible to make a program for voice recognition system with matlab and generate hex file for the microcntroller? Speech recognition is not an elementary design, but you can start taking a look here:
Hello all, I need to get output of my matlab simulation on spartan 6 XC6SLX150T FPGA LCD display, steps are as follow 1) i run my simulation with xilinx 14.1 system generator, 2) i run the .xise file generated in matlab with the xilinx 14.1, 3)the program get synthesize, implemented design, generated programming file, (...)
hello frnz i need a matlab code to design rural cellular system using mobile adhoc network.. please help me i have to submit the project...m very tensed...plz help:cry:
Hi guys. I would like to seek assistance and advice on constructing a matlab simulink model to display the simulation result for regenrative system starting from the pedal brake, till the battery side to monitor any output. For your information, I'm currently doing a project about retrofit conversion of hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV), and my
Hi: i have a project to design ECG system: read ECG signal by using (DAQ)data aquestion and the Signal processing(bandpass& notch filter) will be done by using matlab program. I was Intended to use instrument amplifier to obtain I,II or III signals as this
Hi , Iam Vinod sajjan , doing Mtech in VLSI&Embedded system i'm doing mini project on matlab with simulink tool And i'm beginner for this tool. therefore i want to know ,how to design simple communication system in simulink tool. help me please.
Hello, Does anybody know any good designing software for optics and combined elektronics? I need to design system with laser, LF modulator, reflector, and high sensityvity detector. As this is dificuilt to build inexpensive model in reality, i need any software to test this idea first. I started with matlab simulink, (...)
hi, i want to design a six channel 1024 tapped delay filter using matlab and implement it in fpga using system generator. i have just started learning these two softwares...please provide any guidance in this issue.......
If your purpose is just generating VHDL code, matlab HDL Coder is suitable. However, it generates lots of files, and most of time result is not suitable for FPGA bitstream generation. systemGenerator is nice tool, it allows you to design your system with IPCores like designing in Simulink. If you knew IP (...)
hi i'm Arnab mondal of Electronics & communication Engineering 4th year student. I Have project on design a MC-CDMA system. so i need the matlab code or m file of CDMA system as early as possible...... If you help me i'll be very grateful to you.......please......
I'm suposed to design the system of 7-bit SAR ADC , i'm asking , verilogA or matlab code or simulink is recommended to use ?
hello ... i m in dire need to design a hybrid system with fuel cell and battery in matlab. i dont know how to proceed.. can sum1 help me with some papers or links having basic info.. so that sum1 like me who knows nothing can proceed. Thank you.
I m doing project on low power design.. a battery model is made in matlab and a processor or embedded system is needed for power management, but i m not able to decide on the processor .. i mean modelling in matlab... else can i interface a model in vhdl with matlab?? please help me out with this .. thank u...
Hello guys, I have this question: A particular DSP system is sampled at 200 kHz, requires a digital Butterworth lowpass filter with a passband ripple of 1 dB at 40 kHz and a minimum stopband attenuation of 22 dB at 60 kHz. design the above filter using the impulse invariance method and the bilinear transformation method. Determine the order
I have implemented an algorithm in matlab.. Is it possible to load the matlab coding directly to FPGA? Else writing the coding in VHDL is the only way for this?
Accelerometer Interfacing with matlab Can Anyone Help me in Interfacing Accelerometer with matlab Any Accelerometer is Preferred i am new in dealing with these ..
You can try with matlab simulink....they have provision for electronics as well as RF components ....but I am not sure about opto-electronics....
design control systems in matlab and other software today its very easy, get for example the transfer function of a circuit , then optimize it,... its kinda easy these days,... what I'm looking for,... its a easy way , once I have my electronic system, mathematically speaking - get the design of the real (...)
Hi All, I am doing a project called "system design and analysis of MIMO SFBC CI-OFDM against nonlinear distortion".Can anybody help me with matlab code.Please send me all info you have.I have been trying hard from 6 months now but couldn't get thru it.I need code for BER of SFBC CI-OFDM using 16 QAM. thank you in advance. hope (...)
RF system design is a wide area, I am not sure what would you like to do. Bear in mind the price, Ansoft is about 5 times more expensive than Simulink. However, if you are a student, you can make simple models using student version of Ansoft designer, or get evaluation version of matlab. I can't comment on Agilent and (...)
I want to design a communication system with Distributed arithmetic Filter, So I required Any communication system with matlab code which inbuilt a filter. so that i can compare the performance after applying the DA filter...:?:
I am working on project "Receiver design For Cooperative communication".. so first task is need to setup cooperative system(CDMA) based using matlab (equal gain) and second simulate power allocation algorithm and compare it with equal gain scheme .... matlab is new for me .....can anybody help me....for coding :???:
matlab is good for system design using simulink! you want to use it to write RTL code?
Hi everyone, I am looking for a textbook which basically discusses system level design using matlab. Specifically, I need a textbook for digital system level design based on matlab. Best regards, KH
I wonder what would be a good example a real-time control system to draw in model-based design application of matlab known as Simulink... the device should not be complex but neither too basic...something that is common, interesting and not too complicated thanks in advance
I am trying to make a cdma system for multiple users with different modulation schemes. I am having hard time getting the right design. I will really appreciate the help. Thanks
matlab/simulink can export directly to xilinx ise system Generator for DSP
Hello there ! I hope you guys can help me with this I have to design a Low Drop Out regulator (LDO) with cadence First, I decided to design a typical LDO without any special requirements to get enough experience with both the tool and subject Thus, I read some papers and started with a macro model design on matlab, I (...)
Yes you can use matlab with ISE
Hi you can use ADS (Advanced design system) or AWR to simulate your RADAR project. Also you can use matlab to write your own code.
Hello all i have just happened to use simulink hdl coder...... And i am not an expert user, but i found it much more easier and user friendly as compared to system generator. Like if i have to design any filter, any signal processing module, communication schemes... I just implement it in simulink in blocks and then convert it to hdl.... I n
please refer to the textbook "Radar system analysis and design using matlab by Bassem R Mahafza... ebook is available.just google
Hi All, I am doing the 1st version of a transceiver design. The plan was to do a system simulation using matlab/simulink so that I can understand the parameters for each individual blocks before I start building the actual circuits. Is there any materials I can base on for a first timer in RF field ? Thank you. Best Regards, (...)
It all depends on what kind of system you are up to... For ADCs, simulink is used initially together with matlab. Then verilogA is used as you go deeper into circuit implementation For RF, ADS is popular. Simulink also is used. VerilogA/AMS is a valuable tool for all of these
I think your question is not specific enough. What kind of parameters do you want to set? I mean, is it bandwidth, center frequency, modulation or what? And in what kind of level is your design represented? Is it in high level language (like C or matlab), hardware language, or perhaps in prototyping board?
complete CDMA system on FPGA as a project is impossible. You can implement some part of it. Also, you need to do lot of verification and system level design in other ESL softwares. e.g matlab, systemC or others. Addition: Are you planning to implement only CDMA algorithm (e.g. PN sequence and scrambling) ?
Check rcosine and rcosflt functions in matlab.
Hey everyone! So I'm trying to design a wireless lighting system for my band, where at the "control station" end I have matlab running code / outputting over UART to a Xbee, which transmits to the "receiving end." At the receiving end, I would like the Xbee to transmit the data to a microcontroller, which turns on and off the corresponding (...)
Hi Lina, did u ask about matlab implementation for a GSM system, if yes I will send you a full code for that. Regards can you send me that code? thank you brother
search for Mahafza's book on Radar systems. That would be very helpful for you. You can also find matlab code for the book