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i need help in my project. in my project i will use microcontroller, matlab and electronics lock. i want to connect a microcontroller with my Laptop, so that when a command goes from matlab to the microcontroleer, it should open the electronic lock. how will i do this. e.g when my required result comes from the matlab then it should send a (...)
hey i got my data from a pulse oxymeter which is connected to pc using a usb port .nw i want to feature extract that pulse signal how can i do matlab?? the data that i have is digital data and have analogue signal also for the data. i used spo2 sofware for recording the data. how am i supposed to feature extract from a pulse signal...
Not familiar with the board- but if it has an existing usb port, does it also have a dedicated UART chip? I have made an FPGA based board controlled through matlab using a usb -> UART chip, which seems to be a lot less effort than making a completely FPGA based usb interface (manufacturer provides drivers (...)
I've done data telemetry with matlab before using matlab's built-in serial port functionality. But that means you need to build the hardware to sample the EEG signals, and send them to the PC via RS232 or usb. There's a considerable amount of hardware and software design involved in that. Alternatively you could buy a DAQ (...)
how to access usb port for data acquisition by matlab program? what is the command?
i have a comtool.exe using this i send data on port means transmitt . so if i check pin 3 i cant get any o/p but i get o/p at pin 2 (receive) even i try to transmit why i get data on receive???? i use usb to serial as serial port.
you can use the serial port commands in matlab to communicate with the mobile Introduction :: Serial port I/O (matlab?)
Hello guys! I need to build a matlab GUI that can read and display real-time data from my usb port. It will work like a virtual oscilloscope. I cant do that! Who can help me? If you have any files that can help, please email me tks in advance!
I am not sure whether matlab can read from usb port. but if you can use serial port instead, you can easily read from serial port via matlab.
Hi, I've check the forum but can't see a problem like mine.. After Eltima Virtual Serial port, I can create 2 virtual serial port: COM1 and COM2. And they works like COM1=>COM2. matlab sends data to COM1, proteus can see the data from COM2.. it works.. My problem is before i connect the "usb to Serial Device" i can (...)
Try using a usb to serial port converter hardware. Does the ports that you create are shown by the device manager? I faced a similar problem with matlab using actual hardware and each time i had to close matlab to solve the problem of "device in use" I suggest Labview software for such experiments. The (...)
hi everybody i m trying to access the usb port to import data directly into my program that may be matlab or any other......can somebody help me out?
hello everyone, i need help. i have a device and that device uses cp2101 bridge so it can connected to usb as a virtual COM port i looked in the device manager and i found it defined as COM3. so can i send and receive data to it serially using hyperterminal even if its conneced to usb and not to serial port? how can i use (...)
matlab doesn't seem to have the native support for that but you can do that in multiple ways. Use Virtual COM port. It will be more suitable when you want to do real time data acquisition. If you haven't decided upon usb module tha will collect data, look at FTDI. matlab can interface with C. Make (...)
Are there functions in matlab which allow me to communicate, that is,send and receive number or characters, to the usb port? I want to be able to read that data (very few bytes) to control some parameters on my external device. And this of course, over usb. If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it!
Hi all. I want to use usb port with matlab. I will write any data to usb port and a PIC of series 18f2550 or 18f4550 (I haven't decided yet) will read this data via directly usb. Does anybody know how to control and write data usb port from (...)
Can someone please tell me how to access the usb port using matlab? Is there some similar mechanism available like the serial class? I am able to access it using Java, but I am facing some problems. Thanks a whole lot in advance.
I want some information about how can I interface a device having GPIB port to pc and use its data in my program or a in softwares such as matlab or labview?
how can i import data from an A/D converter kit connected to the usb port of a pc using matlab?