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hi all, how can i generate a code for fir filter using software other than matlab.. i used matlab but the problem i faced was real variable data type was not supported by the software i use.. pls help me as early as possible.. how to generate a verilog or vhdl code using a software or a solution for the error got for real variable data type..
The problem hasn't to do with gate level, I think. It's just about fixed point arithmetic. Normally, you'll want to simulate the effect of coefficient length reduction in matlab and define the exact fixed point filter represention for the final implementation.
i have designed a pipelined adc model in simulink. now i am confused with digital calibration scheme. which language should i prefer? means verilog, verilog-A,matlab function or anything else. which will be the good one so that later on i can implement that model in candence tool. and one more thing how will i integate other language with (...)
If your purpose is just generating VHDL code, matlab HDL Coder is suitable. However, it generates lots of files, and most of time result is not suitable for FPGA bitstream generation. SystemGenerator is nice tool, it allows you to design your system with IPCores like designing in Simulink. If you knew IP CoreGen, SystemGenerator allows you to conne
hello, i have designed an OFDM model in matlab simulink and tried to convert it into verilog code using "HDL coder" tool in matlab. I am facing a problem in converting the fft block into verilog code , so can any one help me in designing an fft block using math functional blocks or help me by providing with (...)
Hi, 1. Is there any way to convert verilog code to matlab code? 2. My program requires the following processes: - A verilog module is constructed in Xilinx - The requirement is to give input through matlab to the verilog code. - Then the outputs are got and (...)
I want to generate 2 channel sine wave and store its samples in ROM using matlab.I have to read the samples in the ROM file in verilog code.Can anyone please help me get started with this?
Hi i need matlab code for digital speech recognition,My project is to convert this process in verilog HDL. So i need casual equation or an equation that can be solved digitally. Can anyone help me ????? mail me:
I have an image processing DUT.. I have to input an image in the form of pixels and retreive the pixels out of the dut and convert it back to an image.... How can i achive this? I tried matlab imread and imwrite but i could not handle the huge number of bytes in a file and use it in verilog Environment... is there any other option available??
Hi, i'm new to matlab. my project is to write a verilog code for image filtering. i thought to do foirst in matlab, and use this design as a reference to write verilog code, but m not able to start...... Can anyone please guide me on this?
No idea. I would suggest to get the algo 1st and then write it in C or matlab , then to verilog .
This matlab code is no longer available on the web, the old page that hosted the m-files is gone so this is a reup of Wu Yufei's matlab Turbo Code. Hope this helps
Usually you start by implementing the design in something like matlab. Then you will probably need to write some VHDL or verilog.
if you want to convert a matlab code into VHDL or verolig , you must write it in embedded matlab form
i hope this will do it. turbo_logmap_matlab.rar (456.9 KB) if any one can give me VHDL or verilog for the same i would welcome...
- What do you exactly mean with converted into verilog HDL? Simulation or synthesize a hardware? - Are you talking about using a matlab code generator or designing generic HDL code? If you target to generic verilog, you'll mainly have to define code to calculate derivative, median etc. In matlab these operators apply to (...)
I have a matlab code which I need to convert to verilog can anyone help me how to do it.
Hello, What is the best way to read a textfile that contains decimal number (eg. 2.987) into verilog? At the moment, I convert the values to hex using matlab (using num2hex). But when I use readmemh, it assumes that the 32bit variable is a 'regular' number and not a floating number? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Hello naderi, In a delta sigma modulator, it is well-known that only DAC and the first integrator can contribute to the output noise. It can also be tested by behavioral simulators such as matlab and verilog-A. I found that transient noise analysis is not match with noise analysis. An experienced designer told me that he
Frames are stored as matrix datatype in matlab, which is something that is hard to convert in HDL as such. You have to serialize/buffer the data and stream it as input and well as output.