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Please I need syntax on how I can export the results from a GA tool box that is too large to be displayed on it to workspace i.e using matlab prompt so that I can view all the results. I have it on my matlab prompt as: "The variable 'optimresults' has been created in the current (...)
Hello I need to design FIR filter with cutoff frequency 100 Hz (with attenuation 3 dB at cutoff frequency), sampling frequency = 1000Hz and having 3rd order Butterworth characteristics, using the various types of window functions Can anyone give me some ideas on how to do this? Also, could you please tell me how to do this in FDA Tool of Mat
Hi timbu007 The best way of implementing fft is to export the data from your simulink to the workspace and do the FFT calculations in matlab. You will have better control over data and plotting of figures
Hello! I've simulated one of my circuit with Saber of Synopsys Inc. Now the only problem is I can't export the simulated waveforms as data files which can be read by matlab. Please help me, thanks in advance! P.S. With matlab, simulated waveform can be stored in the workspace of matlab, but now (...)
I'm using fdatool to create an IIR filter, and I'm having problems to apply it to a given signal in the matlab command line. Can someone help please. Thanks
Hallo, does anybody know how to export the traces from matlab figures. I saved a figure, and want to write back the information to the workspace later on. greets elektr0
u can easily use fdatool in matlab, design your filter then save it and export it to workspace
u can export ur adc output to matlab workspace, and then use ur inl.dnl mfile to analysize it. u r correct.