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Hi, After routing in ic compiler an extraction using inbuilt rc tool,my net delays are not reporting.I am loading min and max tlu plus files also.Please help me fix this issue.
a. complete lack of voltage regulation and LEDs probably run at their absolute limits. b. it works (obviously) and it gives DC out so they won't be bi-directional diodes but it isn't a method a good designer would use. The LEDs are probably run beyond maximum current ratings and rely on the pulsed nature of the rectified AC to prevent them burning
you have *.max file( layout plus file) or *.brd file ( allegro PCB editor file)? for *.max you can save it as a template file and load the new netlist in to this template
A state machine with flip flops is simple to control these 3 states. plus Vbat present. Use a current sense R such as 75~ 100mV at max current. Use a band gap ref for controlling current , voltage and shutdown float, which is included in LM317, but using a linear regulator is very inefficient with heat sink required. Measure average current with
Hi I converted layout max file to allegro 16.6 using orcad translator, all components imported but rats not found can any one tell me how transfer netlist to allegro?. Reference destinator also different . Pls help me
Hello, sorry for my bad english.... I`m from Gemany.... I`m looking for a solution to read back the programm of my max 7128STC and copy it to a spare one. I use the max plus II 10.23 software and the ByteBlaster MV.... it all ready to go.... I`m able to to wirte a new programm to the CPLD , erase it .... examine it..... but how do I save (...)
Hi Folks, I'm running into some compiling/synthesis errors using the Mentor Graphics Precision RTL Synthesis software. I'm hoping there are some real Mentor Graphics Gurus out there that can shed some light on these errors I'm getting. I've been using Mentor Graphics "HDL Designer" and "Precsion RTL synthesis" for many years. Recen
Torque is converted to a linear force with the gears and wheels. The force to overcome includes the mass times acceleration, plus gear friction, not just be stationary mass. The surge current or stall current rating is generally 5-8x the average max current determined by Rs winding resistance will decline slowly until it reaches cruising speed. P
Actually I wouldn't like to use electromechanical relays as the one you suggested, since they are noisy and have limited switching capabilities (considering I'll be using a PWM). The approach I forgot to consider, and which might be the simplest of all, is to use a 250VAC/16A SSR controlled by a 3~32VDC/100mA.
I'm designing DC/DC converter for low power application of up to 50 Watt using MOSFET half bridge configuration. MOSFET will be supplied with 325V (dc) which I've to convert into 1.5v(min)-50 volts(max) at isolation step down transformer's secondary. Please suggest me gate driver ICs for 800V. plus any IC with inbulit isolation? Can you sug
i use orcad 10.3 now i have installed orcad 16.3 but i cant find layout plus, so i cant open the .max file so, how can i open my old layout design which i have made in orcad 10.3 please help..!!!!!!!!!
Hi, Have you locked the tracks at the top layer? If "Yes" upload your xyz.max file to help you out. Also check layer stack up. Hope this solves your problem.
From desired Vce(sat) you can (I expect) determine a "forced beta" operating point and from that and load (plus margin) determine the required base current. Hopefully this does not exceed pin ratings of the uC. Then your desired resistor is VOH(min)-Vbe(max@)/Ib. If you saturate it real hard then switching (off) delay will be compromised and if y
It'a a combinational adder, individual bits get different delay. Apparently you have a rather slow logic family, but basically it's normal operation. P.S.: Strict VHDL rules would require at least one input signal to be sign extended to 5 bit. Curiously the present syntax is tolerated by max plus.
for a start - max plus 2 is very very old. You should be using a newer version of Quartus. THe VHDL compiler in max plus 2 is pretty poor.
max+plus II VHDL implementation is known to have many problems. It can still work for simple designs, but a microprocessor is probably beyond it's capabilities. Quartus operation is even more intuitive than max+plus II in my opinion. An option to convert existing max+plus II projects had (...)
EVERY name-brand amplifier IC has a detailed datasheet. Why didn't you look at it?? It shows that the TDA7265 has an output into 8 ohms of only about 6W per channel when the supply is only plus and minus 12V. Then the power supply must produce 12W of sound and about 12W of heating which is a total of 24W and then the max continuous current
I'm surprized, because EPM7000E series has no ISP capability according to the datasheet. Apart from this point, are you sure, that the "Examine" (readback) feature works with max7000 and 9000 series? Did you try it with a single device? P.S.: I found in the Quartus Software Handbook, that "Examine" isn't supported for max7000S, which refers to a
Need to read information off of a EPM7128SQC100-15 device. I can use an Quartus II with a USB-Blaster to program and verify this device. From my reading I need to use max plus II program to do an examine/read of this chip. Can not get an Byteblaster II to detect this device with either the Quartus II or the max plus II (...)
Dear All, I have a serious trouble converting a .max board file edited by OrCAD Layout plus 16.2 into Altium .PcbDoc using AD S09 or AD 10. During the converting I get multiply warnings like "Unterminated string at Line..." and there is only way to press Cancel button in order to carry on. At the end of the process I can get only few options: th