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Welll here is ltspice simulation which shows your dc bus variation with 100uf - - - Updated - - - but yes, generally, most cheaper electrolytics of 100uf would get over ripple currented by being attached as a dc bus cap in a non pfc smps of 100w power level. But maybe your load is not on max all the time
VQFN 16 pin size max 3x3mm marking code 0065 function is capacitive Touch Sensor IC Seeking manufacturer and datasheet.
Transition violations, pulse width violations, max delay violations
Yes, we need at least… Vin = Vout = Pout = Continuous max load or just transient? Need for small size?
the max number of pins in a PADS logic cae decal? when i use pads logic to design a cae decal, the part pins is more than 2000, but the cae decal i designed in the logic is disordered. the max page size of pads logic cae decal is 32000*60000, it usually means max 600*2 pins. so how can i do? look the picture 123020
Also note that 100mA is the absolute maximum rating for continuous operation. It isn't a good idea to push it to it's limit, use more LEDs at lower current to achieve the radiance you need. Brian.
The maximum power transfer happens when your load equals your power source impedance. But this also is heating your battery as much as the clothing (not good, usually). You have several degrees of freedom. Wire gauge is one but wire material, its resistivity, is another. I get the feeling you are designing without quantitative guidance, like ho
how can i design a pcb (communication circuits)that has most efficiency and size pcb is most little! min and max width of line and space in pcb how can i determine? the noise is min,power dissipation is min in line pcb! and altogether its is beautiful and professional. what to do ,what not to do! thanks for replay
Agreed with everything above. Allowing the max input current to swing far above the steady state current allows for faster transient response. Also a lower sense resistance gives less dissipation. On the other hand, your current sense signal will be more susceptible to EMI and false triggering. But there's not really an exact method for selecting a
hello everyone Recently i have been working on a CP antenna with sequentially rotated feeding.I builded a model with HFSS but i just got a werid 3D radiation pattern. The max gain of the antena is towards GND. With the same size of GND in another model with a well designed feeding network the antenna work well. the model without feeding network
Before one can choose any design, one must design the specifications; Min-typ-max where appropriate or important for; Vin, Vout, Pout, Ploss, Budget$, size, Qty. time, make vs buy?' Learn only? research existing products, & compare yet?
You got it right, you need 117 to 24 transformer. 1A will be OK 'cause the max you can get on 4 ohm speaker is 16W.
Hi, best is to ask the load cell manufaturer, they should have the most experience. My ideas: max. force, precision, size, cost, material .... Klaus
Hello All, I am glad to introduce EzPCB's service here. EzPCB Capability: Layers:1-40 Materials:FR-4, FR-1, CEM-1, CEM-3, Teflon, Rogers, AL base max. Board size:550mm X 710mm Board Thickness:0.15mm-5mm Finished Copper Thickness:1/2oz-10oz The Min. Track:3mil (0.075mm) The Min. Clearance:3mil (0.075mm) The Min. Hole Diameter:0.10mm F
... can you help me out to find which process technology present by calculating W/L ratio. W/L= 0.32 um/0.17 um is there. You can't tell the process technology size from the W/L ratio of a transistor designed in this process; you just can tell that its process size has to be lower than (or max. equal to)
Id1 is constant ( the MOS is in saturation because Vgs=Vds ) and Id2 is added to this current so R=Va/(Id1+Id2) Id2 can be changed by Vgs voltage ( Vc ) and W/L ratio for M2 is easily found by applying inverse Id equation.There may be many W/L combination but starting with min. L will give you an aspect. Then you should consider max. allowable curr
Without knowing any of your parameters process size bulk or epi process type of circuit power consumption of circuit guard ring spacing guard ring width ... I'd advice: max. contact spacing < 5*contact_size .
Ee = 1 mW/cm^2 max from solar input, output depends on chip size. may be 20~40uW Start with requirements then decide what is best.
Hi everyone, Can't find appropriate solution to convert 220VAC to 3.3VDC with the following requirements: - the size on the board should be no more than 40mm x 40mm x 15mm (W x L x H) - power dissipation no more than 300mW - max current 200mA Any ideas? Every answer is appreciated.:-)
What is the size of temp1 and temp2 ? or what is the max value of temp1 and temp2 can have? Give these details too