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I want to get vector x that has minimum max absolute subject to H*x=S where H is a matrix and S is a vector with dimension less than x (which implies that there are infinite solutions for this equation but I want the solution which has minimum max absolute) I used MATLAB with this script NR=2; NT=3; (...)
You can't resize the array in real time in mikroC. If max elements you need is 100 then declare 100 elements.
The phase is not an absolute quantity, it has to be referred to another signal or to a fixed time vector, that mean you know where the time t=0 is However you can find the amplitede since it hasn't affected by the phase: if x is a time vector, we can write it as xn(t), the you can find the maximum of x, this will be A ==> (...)
I would say the base voltage is the voltage at which the base speed is maintained. max voltage would be the voltage at which speed would not increase without changing the vector. Maybe have a look at this doc:
hello, the peak value of any matlab vector can be found using the max() fuction and the lower peak using the min() function. if you provide details of your exact problem you might get better answers??
i have code matlab of this compression but i have a probleme in the party of lloyd max ? i need for ur help plz i put only the party of max lloyd quantification % Lloyd-max algorithm using signal values % Signal : Signal vector % tol : Tolerance % Initial : Sampling levels % dist : (...)
Its Ok my dear. Because your signal is complex. Also the steering vector is complex. So you got the complex weight vector. max SNR means your weight vector = constant x desired steering vector for each noise power. If it is so then you are going in right direction. BR, Ishtiaq
After MFCC you can go for vector quantization (Compute the euclidean distance) fix threshold based on the max. euclidean distance and detect the word.
Hi I'm writing a vector test program for the Altera max EPM7256S CPLD. I've no problem testing the bypass and ID code functions except the Extest portion. I used the 7256sq208.bsd file from Altera website as reference for the BSC length and pin sequence. Attached is the test program code I wrote. Appreciate if anyone can enlighten me where I'
Hi I need to know how to control the inverter section with IGBTs in order to control three phase motor such as constant speed, accleration and stop. I welcome to hear your suggestion Maverick max
After tapeout need to do max-product test first need write a task to generate vector file (0101.....) then need some tools transfer this vector file suit for test format (now I use software : atpc) Q1. What is atpc , is this populer for Design house? , is this a standard for test machine? Q2. Is any free software can do the (...)