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i am working with max485 for rs 485 4 wire system with modbus protocol. i found loss in serial connection when ac servo drive goes on. can any one help in this regards?
hi i use max485 for first time .. but i have problem .. if i send data only in one way e.g. from master to slave or slave to master it work .. but when i use to send and receive data , it doesn't work correctly .. i change enable RE & DE pin correctly ... did anybody has exprience ?
Hi, I am using a master board which is used to communicate with the 90 slave boards. For this i want to go with the half duplex mode of communication. So which IC is best suited for this purpose either max485 or Max487 or is there any other available? Thanks in advance:-) Regards, Murugesh
2- how i can design this circuit for distance longer than 1km ? (for example 20km) You can use another max485 as a repeater in between. It will amplify the signal after 1km. :) guide : 1-i don't use another system, because this system is cheap for me 2-because the rs485 used to maximum 1.2km distance help to me to amplify signal for longer distanc
MAX1482 is functional equivalent to other standard RS485 transceivers, e.g. max485 or SN75176. There are datasheets on the internet. There have been countless threads on edaboard regarding RS-485 operation in general. Although not strictly specified by the EIA RS-485 standard, the term RS-485 usually designates a half-duplex (...)
Hi Are you looking for full duplex RS485 or half duplex? for half duplex network use max485 as drivers & receivers to interface the network from the hardware point of view use 1 I/O line from the PIC as the Tx & RX select line for the max485 transceivers and (...)
Use Max232 for 232 to TTL convertion and max485 for 485 to TTL conversion. MAX232 is full duplex however the other is half duplex. Advares.
Hi, I want to make an RS232 to RS485 converter that is half duplex. I use MAX232 and max485 for this. But I don't want to control CS pin of max485 at RS232 side. Is there any way to make this control automatic? PS: Baud rate can be from 300bps to 115200bps. Thank you.
According to the RS-485 standard, using LTC485 (max485 or similar) transceivers you can connect up to 32 devices (microcontrollers) together .. Just keep in mind that this is 2-wire connection - half-duplex - so only one of them can "talk" the rest will have to "listen" .. Probably the easiest in implementation is configuration with one (...)
To convert RS485 to digital use max485, and digital to RS232 use MAX232.