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Hi guys, I am doing some practical test on driving LED matrix using max7219. Please give me hint how to initialise MAX 7219 if multiple drivers are used. Please see the code. Is it the way to initialise two cascaded max7219? Chip_Select = 0; // SELECT MAX SPI1_Write(0x09); //To initialize the 1st Driver. SPI1_Write(0x00);
Hi After going through some tutorial on driving 8x8 LED matrix by max7219, I am trying to undertake simple practical tests. I have bought 4 cascaded 8x8 LED matrix assembled with max7219. The arrangement of the setup is as per attached schematic. As a simple test I want to activate only one column of the matrix. Please see the code also. On powe
i am driving 8 seven segment display with max7219 multiplexing ic along with pic microcontroller. some times during power on max 7219 sets hanged by displaying all the 8 digits seven segment as and sets strucked but the pic micro is working. this happens only on power on once in 4 times approx. kindly help.
Hi for all, I build hardware design for two digit (double) countdown timer, I need code for double countdown timer with PIC887, two digit, max7219 led driver, MikroC for Pic IDE, first value 24 seconds second value 14 seconds two buttons, named 24 and 14 when press button 24, start countdown from 24 when press button 24 again, stop
Hi, I want to control 7segments with a max7219. using an ATmega32. For testing i have connected only two 7 segments. out put 7segments is on. my code: max2719.h #define CLK PORTB.5 #define DIN PORTB.6 #define LOAD PORTB.7 void send16(unsigned int word)// SEND 16-bit { char j; CLK = 0
Hi I am trying to interface PIC+max7219 Dot matrix Led Display. but until now i can not build any library for 7219 display.:cry: can anyone help me in building a library for PIC16f877a+max7219 Dot matrix Led Display.
Can somebody test this max7219 Tachometer in hardware ? It uses PIC16F887 and 20 MHz crystal oscillator. max7219 is used for driving 8 digit 7 Segment display. I tested it in hardware using EasyPIC v7 and seeedstudio's DSO Quad (5 KHz square wave, 50% duty) but value varies a lot and vale is never stable. The device reads pulses on INT0 pi
Please let me know that I am making max7219 using Arduino UNO based ammeter. and want to blink second digit for 500ms delay but how to configure max7219. Using max7219 Arduino Library LedControlMS.
Please let me know that I am interface max7219 with Arduino UNO and connect necessary connection on breadboard and using common cathode 3-digit 7-segment display. But when turn it on all digits are lit up and no data is display. And I am using library "LedControlMS"
Hello guys. My name is Andrew and I'am from Poland. I have plenty of Atmega8A, i have also max7219 and 8x8 dot matrix 1088BS > PIN DETAILS I've got also arduino UNO clone and arduino nano clone. I would like to use Atmega8A because i have many of these. I would also prefer to di
Please let me know that about combine amp and volt meter Arduino UNO based. I want to display amperes and voltages on seperate 3 digits 7-segment display 3 digits for amps and 3 digits for volts and using 2 channel of ADC. But how to display using max7219 ,can anyone interesed to tell me? Only hint I need.
Please help me with max7219 code. I want to print floating point values on max7219 but it is not printing. // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at LATB4_bit; sbit LCD_EN at LATB5_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at LATB0_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at LATB1_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at LATB2_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at LATB3_bit; sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISB4_bit;
schematic shown about is what i am trying implement. Just problem is 74HC540 is not available with me. Is there any other option to drive 2.3" Inch Large seven segment display from max7219 ? I have read datasheet and it says. it can sink 500mA max for total of 8 digits. I have big 2.3" 4 Dis
Better use max7219
hello all , I am new to micro controllers currently i know basics of circuit programing pics with hitec c & pic basic pro any one please help me to build a moving message display using pic and max 7219 using hitec c or pic basic pro
hello, as there is a max7219 for common cathode, i was wondering why there were no equivalent for common anode 7 segments i have a 3x7segments c.a. display so i wanted to make it work without monopolysing the cpu of my arduino any advice? thx
Hello Edaboard team, I work on 16x8 LED matrix using max7219, and have problem with scrolling text on second matrix. Scrolling on first display is working. I'm using PIC16F628A. MAXX's are connected in cascade. DIN from first to DOUT second, CLK common, LOAD/CS common. Here is code: / Software SPI configuration sbit So
Hello, I am new to SPI communication and confused looking at two different examples of application using SPI communication. 1) PIC16 Connected to max7219 via Soft SPI interface. 2) Example given on mikroe Site to use SPI application. Now i am comfused why 1st example the author had completed re-written the Soft_SPI_Write Subroutine ?
It doesn't work. @adimadayan Use max7219 or MAX6954/55. It needs I2C or SPI to interface them. Alos you can use Port expander or 2 74HC595s instesd.
I have Copied text from somewhere on internet for Printing "C" character with value SPI_Write_Byte(0x4E); but i want to know how its printed with 0x4E on 7 segment ? i have tried to evaluate using A B C D E F G Segments of 7 segment common Cathode but i am unable to find how its coming ? Please can someone give me more light on this ? i am using MA