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Dear All, Could anyone attach the link or the pdf for the book, "The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems" by Muhamed Ali mazidi and Janice Giliispie mazidi. Thank you.
yes you can look into the examples programs in the installed folder.... first make up your mind to learn a particular controller and programming language you will use... then take up mazidi book on 8051 and try the simple programs in keil....
mohammed ali mazidi is the best book ---------- Post added at 22:19 ---------- Previous post was at 22:18 ---------- PIC Microcontroller and Embedded Systems.pdf - - partage de documents - tÚlÚcharger
well if you want to learn the atmel 8051 controler then the best book is by mazidi .searh the net you will find it in pdf format
u can try for mazidi book
as you are saying you are new to uc programming i can suggest you microcontroller programming by mazidi i think this is the best book for bignners to learn about ucs all the best pradeep
go through The 8051 mazidi thats a very good book on 8051 programming n applies to atmel 89c52 Added after 4 minutes: since you plan to use stepper motors go through the foll. site or the pdf that ive uploaded

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