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mbi5026 or MBI5027 or STP1612PW05XTTR
Hi guys, I'm using a mbi5026 drivers to drive the column data for my 64x16 led matrix. My main program on AT89S52 is just doing shifting of the column bits. May I know if I shift the bit one by one, wil the old bits still remain there?
I need advice how to drive led display with 16x80 leds. My approach is to connect anodes to 4-16 decoder 74HC154, and cathodes to mbi5026GF constant current shift registers. Refresh display is 100Hz, and characteristics of leds I have are 3.0-3.2V, max. 18mA. According to datasheet, mbi5026 is enable to deliver max. 90mA per pin. I already si
You could go with these for constant current output: mbi5026 - A6282 - Allegro MicroSystems - A6282: 16-Channel Constant-Current LED Driver or this for direct switching, use two linked together. TPIC6B
anyone can tell me the detailed "PrecisionDrive" technology? thanks because i read "mbi5026" datasheet, there is the "PrecisionDrive" word, but i can not understand the technology. thanks!

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