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can be used as flyback controller…as long as you don’t exceed its voltage ratings of course.
I have made a DC-DC step-up converter using mc34063a with following components Ct=31 pF Rsc=0.682 Ohm Lmin=4 uH Co=701 uF R=180 Ohm R1=1k R2=3k and I used for the design with following input parameters Vin: 3V Vout: 5V Iout: 100mA Vripple: 1mV(pp) Fmin: 700kHz The problem is the power cons
I need to import and simulate the on semiconductor mc34063, however asc and asy are missing form the zip: ON Semiconductor Simulation Models for example mc34063a SPICE MODEL (70.0kB)
What is the difference if any?
i need more current! You didn't reveal your input voltage nor your output current requirement! You want us to guess? Perhaps this one could do the job. S. fig. 10
I was trying to make a DC/DC boost converter with mc34063a. It is a good IC for the purpose but its not working well. Having a lots of trouble. Here is the PCB diagram: 100154 And the circuit diagram is here: 100158 The problems are: * Its taking high current at startup, frequently M
Try using this tool, the schematic will change according to the design parameters and it will show you optimal values: Brian.
From my experience with the mc34063a, When you talk Power never use simulator or even BreadBoard, Always work with PCB, For the Schematic: 1-Change the capacitor from 470pF to 1.5nF 2-Use a different Diode from this general purpose Shottky ( Ultra High Response time around 25 to 35nS ) 3-Change the Output Capacitor from 470uF to 220uF25Vdc Re
You can design one yourself.Use mc34063a and DIY inductor.The IC is available for @ Rs10 @ sunrom Rs12 @ ventor.and at local shops for @Rs30.Make quick search in google for schematics.
You may experiment with this calculator for MC34063 here for different
déj? vu (posts #2 - #5) I already used MC34063 as previously mentioned, but I won't suggest it as a "simple switcher", particularly not for a beginner. A late comment about the table in #4. It can't be found in a recent mc34063a datasheet. I have Rev.6 (12 years old) and latest Rev23, both don't sh
looks pretty versatile - step up, step down, inverting step up, inverting step down.
hi, Does anyone has the circuit for mc34063a with constant 12V output from 5V to 15V input. Thanks
The comparator has a 1.25V reference so the feedback always scales to the same threshold of 1.25V. In the inverse mode the 1.25V reference is
Use very cheap mc34063a here is calculator:
hi all!!!! first i'll start with a TINY description of my project . a SOLENOID KICKER. so i want a 160v momentary power source to fire the solenoid. question is how can i reach to this voltage? the possible reasponse is to discharge 3 ,2200uf, capasitors in series.(3 * 50v =150v) my source is a 2A ,12v planin
Hello i want to to convert a 12VDC to 1.2VDC (600mA to 700mA). I tried using the LM317 but it overheats very fast so i thought it would be better if i use a switching step-down converter. So i used the mc34063a with the components shown in the attached schematic. About a minute after putting a load of ~100mA the mc34063a starts getting hot and the
MC34063 should be able to do what you want mc34063a design tool MC34063 Step Up/Down/Inverting Switching Regulator - Calculator MC34063 boost Alex
A voltage regulator like 78xx can only regulate to a lower output, the input must be at least 2 volts higher than the output. You need a step up converter, something like MC34063 can be a simple solution for up to 1.5A but here are many more focus.
Use an mc34063a DC-DC converter circuit for #110 – Let’s Design a DC to DC Switchmode Converter