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You have to use mcu like pic18F4550 or any other which supports USB. There are also AVR mcus with USB. See You need to write a application in VC++, VB,, VC#... which can send data through USB on PC side. See book "Advanced pic microcontroller projects in C" by Dogan Ibrahim. It has such an example. (...)
sound like you should just pick up a book on programming in general and finish reading it / practicing it on the mcu. at this point, anyone giving you a piece of working code is doing you a huge disfavor.
Dear colleagues, I'd like to know the best books of C programming for pic mcu. Thanks
pic micro mcu C by Nigel Gardner
Go to and read the datasheet for the mcu you are interted in. Or read this book:
In my project, in order to perform voice coding I need to attach a microphone wiht pic16f877, however I dont have any idea about microphone connection with pic mcu.. i knw that i will have microphone ,amplifier connected to A/D converter.. but anyone have any idea about what type microphoen i should use.. any links or documents will be more helpfu
you can download "picmicro mcu C" from the forum, it is great but you must have CCS compiler.
Hi buddies, :( Have any one links about free pic ucontroller books? search is a book "pic based experiments".
I'm new to pic'n (and mcu's), since the start of summer. I found that I needed to get acquainted with assembly. I began reading up on assembly and there are a few tasks (in the book) to do with Debug in assembly. I tried WinXP's debug, but only ran into a wall. Then I installed MPLab, thinking I could use its debug. So I'm stuck. I (...)
I'm a senior undergraduate of EE (electrical engineering) and my school doesn't get into mcu's, if you don't count the one class. I decided to learn about mcu's myself and bought a book by Myke Predko. After reading the book for a few chapters I realized that it was beyond my knowledge. So I started reading a (...)
Hi, On the in directory AlundrA there is book CCS_Peter_H_Anderson_pic_Source_Code_book with lot of exampes in C code for pic Before download you need for free registration
Hi I purchase a Emac The premier microprocessor Trainer to learn about this field, but I,m frustrated whit it and is very hard to understand because the examples is not clear and confuse :? , I find a good tutorials on mcu,Eprom, Microcontrolers, pal, gal, etc, and how to learn and program this devices, or anybody tell me a good book, I,m
pic Microcontrollers by Nebojsa and Andric in should also download Quintessential pic Microcontroller.pdf from this site, it's a very good book to learn pic programming.
You can download the same book (BASIC for pic microcontrollers) in PDF format here if you prefer to read it offline or print it on paper. Look for pic Basic pro.pdf. You can also find some other great books about pic. Quintessential pic Microcontroller.pdf is a great
You can download the book in pdf format here: