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You can realize any kind of behaviour with either a mealy or a moore state machine. There are no restrictions on that. What will differ between the 2 implementations will be the number of states and the way outputs are generated.
can any one help me... need mealy and moore state machines Design a FSM over { 0, 1, b } that will output a copy of the input string except that the first bit will have been moved to the end of the string. (?b? represents a blank? here ) E.g. . input : 010011 will produce output: 100110
I wish that people could stop talking about moore and mealy state-machines, because neither of them describe what we normally do today. Both of them have combinatorial logic after the registers, and that is not wanted with today's FPGA/ASIC architectures. They both have "input logic", registers and "output logic". The difference is that the (...)
I recently read abt registerd FSM outputs i.e Registered moore outputs and Registered mealy Outputs , Can anybody explain wat is FSM output registered ? I did verilog coding for 1011 Sequence detector for both moore and mealy machine and I got the output like in the Image there is one clock dealy in the (...)
It depends on whether you want synchronous circuit or asynchronous one. And there are many techniques to design it. In synchronous you may first draw state diagram (moore or mealy), then according to flip flop conditions you may proceed (state assignment, nest states, equations etc). In asynchronous you may use state diagram or state table, then pr
First of all, I wouldn't get bogged down in all that "mealy" and "moore" nomenclature; that's stuff to just get you through college. I've been designing state machines for years and couldn't tell you the difference. Second of all, I would DEFINITELY advise that you use a synchronous design (is that moore?). And if your state is (...)
Hi, just a quick question... I have developed a FSM using VHDL and I'm questioning about if it is a moore or a mealy FSM. Here is the code: -- FSM states type state is (idle, init, init_shift, subtract, test, operation_sub1, operation_sub0, correction, finished); signal current_state, next_state : state; begin -- FSM contr
how to collapse two separate mealy FSM into a single mealy FSM?
If you look up mealy & moore in wiki.. it should tell you... and link to more pages.
hey guy,pls help me....nid helps here.....gotta hv exam soon, bt face a prob for the mealy n moore....hope u guy cn help me solve the question as shown below... Specification An idle system is activated when an input X is given. Then an output Z is produced after two clock cycles later. Next, the system will be back to the idle state, waiting f
There are two types of FSM. 1. mealy Machine 2. moore Machine
i need verilog code of moore and mealy fsm machine.. if there some one who help out?
hi all, Im involved in amba ahb RAM memory controller design(Internal RAM used by ARM following FSM design approach.....which FSM moore or mealy will be more suitable for these purpose? and why?And regarding the number of states of the fsm? please provide me any links/references
Hello All, I have a simple question regarding the following VHDL codes: -- first code when state_0 => if input = '1' then output <= '0'; end if; ---------------------- -- second code when state_0 => output <= '0'; if input = '1' then next state <= state_1; end if; when state_1 => output <= '1';
Can you please suggest me some books if possible ? I will order them online by mid of this month ? I'd like to... I tried using Google to find something on the subject, but I couldn't find anything. The problem is, I've only studied it in Russian, I just don't know how it is called in English. What you're cur
I think surely. Even in FPGA or CPLD design process we use mealy or moore models to design the circuit. One advantage is that, nowadays, most of the complex part of solving mealy or moore models are done by a computer software.
mealy and moore state machines are most famous. They can be encoded in 1 combinational process and 1 sequential process, or 2 sequential processes and 1 combinational process. -- Amr
Not a very analog problem - you might do better on one of the digital forums. Just search for mealy and moore state machines on wikepedia (spelling may be important) Keith
Hello alelex; The best thing is to use finite state machine to synthesize your sequential circuit. you can use either moore's or mealy's topolgy. Please read the following page to review your knowledge about FSM I can give you a simple example of what you can do I'm not
Hi, I need the simple state example for both moore and mealy state machine using vhdl or verilog and which type of state machine is suitable in our behavioral models regards kanimozhi.m