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Hi, you mean pythagoras? d = sqrt( (x1-x2)^2 + (y1 -y2)^2 ) Klaus
Can you please explain what you mean by "...stops working"? Also can you compile the code (unaltered) and run that or does it only work with some pre-compiled version of the program? (Some of the image files have dates that are about 18 months earlier than the source file.) Finally does this work in real hardware? If so then it could be a bug in th
When you say "movable" it is supposed that you mean to scroll the picture either at an horizontal or vertical direction. Although Codevision supports many graphical display chipsets, each one having its own features, the generic option to code that, irrespective to the LCD manufacturer, could be by plotting the same picture at each new update but s
Your attachments don't work. Just because you used the same software and physical setup doesn't mean you should expect the same results. What convergence criteria did you use? Did you specify a seed mesh? What's your final tetrahedron count? The mesh quality has the possibility of drastically altering results.
did you mean that there should be an"yes/no" letters to be shown or an image should be displayed ? you can give more info with some details , like what exactly you want to diaplay and what are the switches labelled to control it.
I know it's probably a bad idea regarding blinding someone. But as opposed to phased array design that would probably mean more expensive. What about spinning a laser and creating a 3D map of the image returned from this spinning laser. I don't even know if it makes sense, if the laser bounces off a non-flat surface, how to account for th
while searching for 0ohm resistor to use at 2.4GHz, I came across a search result like the image below. 119768 Why the word 'jumper' as a value for tolerance? What does this mean? Is it somehow related to 'jumper wire'??
it depends what you mean by'image processing' and 'slow' for image processing applications I would look at DSP systems, e.g. also have a look at
can u explain your question in detail??..what arithmetic and what do u mean by memory issue??
Hello all, I want to work on these subjects: FUZZY image PROCESSING Lp-mean FILTERS WEIGHTED MEDIAN FILTERS MORPHOLOGICAL FILTERING But i don't know from where to begin, for example let's say i'll be starting in fuzzy image processing. I will be doing phd studies from September this year so i would be glad if i got to know (...)
Here by MMS, do you mean multimedia messaging service?? If yes, then you would be neeing a GSM modem..
When we talk about 90nm process, what do we mean by this. Does it mean that minimum channel length (Ldrawn) is 90nm? or Ldrawn is 180nm? In attached image from a journal paper , author is referring to 90nm process, but has mentioned that L=46nm. But previously we knew that according to lambda based rule, minimum channel length must be twice l
Could you describe more specifically what you are doing? I'm not sure what you mean when you say you want to quantise an FFT signal. Any digital signal is quantised, so the input to the FFT and the output are, in general, quantised already. If you want to compress it, I suppose there could be many ways of doing that. Does your compression need t
I guess you mean whorls and ridges? You could compare the slopes of lines (following a line pixel by pixel). Where slope changes, that must be a singular point. However following a line may not always be possible, since you cannot be sure of the quality of the image, and you cannot be sure there won't be gaps in lines. So I think it is easier to
True root mean square
I 've made a boost converter with L6920 As you can see in the image, at LBO pin I've put the cathode of the LED. LBO is an open drain output, which goes low (does that mean it gets grounded???) when the battery voltage goes below the treshold we h
Hi, thanks for help, do you mean that the VCO belongs to PLL block? Another question. TXCO is an oscillator then its frequency is equal to the frequency of VCO?
I'm not quite sure I have understand what you mean. I used file-> export -> image to export the waveforms. I waited a while to be sure the export was completed, but when i opened the .bmp file no waveforms were visible.
Hi I have problem about to write sdram. Column address 256, row address 4096, bank 4. When i get image data from camerasensor, the data size is 2592. But sdram's row address is only 256. The image data coming through 2592 to sdram but when i use full page mode, It's need to "active" what this is mean one more "nop" time. So i (...)
Hello, I need info about the 1- How did the VFBC work ?(Please,If anyone have pdf or link about this subject, send it to me :arrow: ) 2- what is the benefit of the stride ? and what is mean ? I have spartan 3a 3400 and in the demo that came with it there is a VFBC core . and it mentioned in the VSK_top.h //