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Hi :) I am replacing a resistor on a PCB. The res in question is 820 ohms. That slot on the board, reads "820 1K" The 820 of course tells me the value of the res; is it possible to discern what the "1K" means? Thanks in advance.
Thanks for answering ads-ee ... I'm not sure what you mean by "indexed" name is not a type. That was from the error message in your first post. The error is due to the line in post #3. function mmcm_count_calc (arguments: type_mmcm_count_calc) return std_logic_vector(
Hi, i need to design induction cooktop circuit having 4kW output power. I have 1kW and lower power levels SMPS background but i dont have any experience in resonant converter topologies. As i have read from app notes, it is very similar to resonant converters except transformer. In formulas, i see transformer turns ratio and output voltage but in t
Hi all! I am using an rphripoly resistor in TSMC 0.18um pdk. Should I use nwell guardring or psub guard ring? Why? Thanks!
Hi guys, I hope this is the correct place for my topic, if not please move it. I am trying to get a serial terminal to work with "Vector VN1610" because I prefer to use it instead of "Vector CANoe", on "CANoe" everything works, but when I use the terminal I get "connected to device", however I receive no response or some random numbers which
what are the different isolation techniques used to isolate devices with different potential? like I Know about deep N-well, P-well is used to isolate the devices with different potential. are they any other techniques in use? for example, 4-NMOS transistors connected in series with their body and source tied together, the last transistor connect
Hi, I am trying to bring up a Board using the ATSAMD20E15 But, I am getting an error from the programmer: Error could not activate interface. But found a DAP with ID 0xbc11411 Also, just in, when using the "Device Programming" tab/window I can uncheck the erase flash before programming and verify after programming, then I am able to progr
Hi, What advice do you expect? Cutoff voltage depends on battery, not on application. For sure you may measure the battery voltage...but it gives not much information about health and charge status. For better battery information you could use dedicated battery supervisory circuits, like charge counters. Klaus wh
I have designed a circuit to keep the heating element at a constant temperature. The digital part of the circuit is being feed from a 5V LDO which is powered by two 18650 batteries in series and the heating element is directly connected to the output batteries. Also heating element wire(approximately 2ohm) is controlled with an N channel low side m
You attachment 156028 returns an "invalid attachment" error. I am also curious what they mean parasitic leakage inductance losses. What I can recall from leakage inductance; that it is uncoupled inductance that will ring with parasitic capacitances which will produce severe ringing. That ringing can generate a voltage breakdown in switching
Dear friends, Suppose I have desinged a simple single-ended two-stage miller op-amp (seen in the image below)to drive Capacitive load CL and resistive load RL with certain GBW, Gain and Slew rate. 156036 You know we set the current in M5 to satisfy the slew rate condition, say I5= 100 ?A. We set based on that cur
Hello, I am new to multisim and just started learning how to simulate basic circuits. I am using multisim 12.0. I am trying to simulate a basic zener diode circuit and trying to observe the effect of changing the load resistance. I believe this needs to be done using parameter sweep. The problem I am facing is, in the parameter sweep window,
How are you testing this? How are you applying a "2KV surge"? How are you measuring it? What are its characteristics? Are you picking up something with your scope (or whatever you're using) rather than seeing what's really coming out of the power supply? And what the heck is "residual voltage"? Do you, perhaps mean a transient? Does the powe
Dear All, I would like to know if there any techniques for estimating the battery chemistry as well as its capacity in AH so that appropriate charging current can be decided. Thanks.
Hi, for example a circuit has P1dB,in at -10 dBm. What all possibility/techniques do I have to change it to 10 dBm. Thanks.
Exactly as FvM mentioned. If Pr/Pt > 1, then it would also mean lambda/4piD >1 ==> D
I am in desperate need of help, I have an extremely expensive motherboard and CPU, I think there may be a fault in the systems bios that has not been fixed yet but I think it may have already killed an AMD Threadripper 2950X. {Edited should have mentioned the Fan is four wire Noctua NF-A15PWM DC12V 0.13A} Everything seemed fine after the replacem
Can you tell me you mean host and domain provider company support team contact now resolve this problem I'm right...
I also would ask the question: How did you measure the frequency? With a frequency enabled DMM? With an oscilloscope? You really, and I mean really require to show us the output waveform with an oscilloscope. If you only measured with a DMM, there could be multiple noise pulses or glitches that could be faking the readings. Ask me how I know.
Hi, I want a higher input impedance. atleast 1M ohms. I currently see no need for this. The higher the impedance the more problematic. yes i did tie the other buffer to ground This means? The output? --> makes no sense Both inputs? --> maks no sense, because you still get saturated ouput stage. But better then than