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What do you mean with "same result"? You can't achieve more than 100% rectifier efficiency. Assuming 2V LED + rectifier forward voltage for simplicity, LED current can't be higher than 0.5 mA at 0 dBm respectively 50 uA at -10 dBm. Still visible with good LED, but rather dim.
You are cascading the output of one chip into another input, which in an offboard arrangement like using Arduino can mean a degradation in signal quality; By the way, you have not shown any detail of the assembly. In this case, you may want to increase the delay to see if the signal stays stable any longer.
am i doing it right, by terminating the other end with a ground. Yes, that creates a connection from the ports plus terminal to the ports local reference. one more question if i replace it with a series resistor, i wanna probe the signal after the series resistor, which side i should pl
This means that the nearest baud rate to 115200 with 16 MHz crystal in PIC16F876 is 16,000,000/(16*(1+7)) = 125,000, right ? where SPBRG register has to be written with 7. This can also be achieved with 8 MHz oscillator internal 8,000,000/(16*(1+3)) = 125,000, where SPBRG register has to be set at 3. It is possible to get more closer to 115200
Hi I am trying to debug a simulation mismatch. I am viewing the design through DFT Visualizer. I gave the pattern index of the simulated pattern. The visualizer shows 9 bits of data for each pin in the instance. It is something like this. D 000-000-000 Q 000-100-000- What does it mean?
Hi, as per Pozar's Microwave Engineering book, there is a condition "A special case of the transducer power gain occurs when both the input and output are matched for zero reflection (in contrast to conjugate matching). Then GammaL = GammaS = 0" then GT=S21^2. And another one is conjugate matched condition. Does this mean ever after performin
The opamp doesn't really help with having higher impedance of the current sources. The impedance is what it is coming from the gds of the transistors M2/M3. What it helps with is keeping the current source transistors under same conditions no matter which switch is on or off. If there was no buffer and respectively if you didn't have the left branc
Do you mean visualize the clock tree? It is not implemented during logic synthesis, only later in physical synthesis. I have a feeling you are looking for something that isn't there yet.
Hello. well after the 3rd time getting hit at work, this last time was major damage... of course no one said anything. I suspect that the issue is parking. The parking lot is a crappy design. Anyways, I built a bull bar for the rear bumper (its a truck) but I need some type of proximity device that will cover the sides. Especially the rear quarter
Please let me know that I want to display sensors reading, 6 sensors 3 for Voltage sensing and 3 for current sensing CT. I recently write a code for reading ADC data, please let me know what is good approach for making code. I mean, code with good sequence for controller, not hanging and not take extra memory. Please make your valuable sug
Hi, What do the following warnings mean in Calibre ? - WARNING: Cell is referenced but not defined. Empty cell used - WARNING: Cell already exists, will overwrite Thanks, Aditya
Current mirror need monolithic transistor pairs to achieve reasonable matching. The emitter degeneration resistors are a possible means to get a kind of current mirror behavior with discrete transistors.
Hello! I'm intensively looking for a specific device. As you know, there are devices called FM transmitters for use in old cars, in which there are still old radios without a USB interface. Such a device in a sense "impersonates" a radio channel, giving itself music on a given frequency, which can then be played on our old-fashioned radio. So
Web Design BALANCE COMBINATION OF ART and SCIENCE is BEST DESIGN HOW WE DESIGN? Studying the history of design and learning the fundamentals of art always brings us wisdom and pride. Expertise mentorship provided. We get feedback and become better. We follow advanced techniques. Above all, we are confident on what we do! Web Maintan
For my research, i need to implement a Turbo Decoder to test a few things. I was able to write the BCJR algorithm code in MATLAB and for the most part, it works fine. By working fine, i mean that after a number of iterations, the number of errors reduces to zero or flatttens out. Where i am having a problem is that there are times where the number
Hi, I would like to bias an array of 128 current steering DAC's. I have made a current source as well. How would I bias 128 DAC's using this single current source? If I bias all 128 directly, would the added capacitance create startup issues?
Hi, I am looking for thermocouples with readers. I just found one with software support. There is a statement in the user manual / datasheet. I am trying to understand this statement. "RS-232 port to transfer data to PC for analysis" Using RS-232 port to transfer data to PC means that the serial communication protocol is UART ? Is it po
I am trying to find the Z21 in HFSS for a modal of interdigital Capacitor which i have simulated. Can anyone tell me about Z21, Z12 parameter. Is it normalized to 50 ohm or not which HFSS is giving me? HFSS giving me img (Z21) = 63.154. Please someone guide me. Thanks
I've carefulley read your previous post and the ST application note. I've concluded that the body diode of synchronous fet is not experiencing reverse recovery when the fet itself is triggered, since current will be diverted from diode to channel, but operation in the 3rd quadrant never puts the diode under reverse bias, hence no reverse recovery.

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