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please help me , I want measure 3 phase lines (Phase to Phase 380-440V) these three sine wave signals with same 50Hz frequency . zero crossing for these three lines like +ve as well as ?ve half cycles. I want to measure phase shift between these three signals. phase angle i.e 0 degree for R phase , 120 degree for Y phase and 360 (...)
The simplest practical solution I can think of would be to utilize a small MCU with a DAC and ADC. Generate a linear voltage ramp by counting up the value sent to the DAC and at each step read and store the ADC measurement of signal strength. It would build up a graph of tuning voltage vs. signal strength so the optimum point can be selected. The
Friends, I would like to measure conduction angle of my PA. I found a ADS simulation file from Keysight. They have measured the conduction angle in that file, but when I try to use the equations, I cannot see the result. The point is when I type "freq" which is frequency (first harmonic), the equations become red, which (...)
I am using ADE7758 Energy meter ic . can any one tell me how to measure phase angle between two phase voltages using this ic.
hello There is no direct link between timer and adc ! timer depends of FOSC MCU prescaler value and your software ... at least you can use long integer for calculation and scaleing all your physical measures . your request is not so clear: is the potentiometer used as position measure of angle DC motor ? if yes , why do you want the (...)
Hi, You are not the first with this problem... * you have to deicde what "AC voltage" you want to measure (RMS, peak...). How often you need a new value and what precision you need. * do you have pure sine or is it distorted somehow? * do you need to know the DC component of your signal? * did you do a search in the internet? * did you do a searc
Hi all I just got the graphs of current and voltage from the NI device. I want to measure the phase difference between them. And, I have a program to measure the phase difference, but I don't know how to import my graphs into the program. Thanks
You certainly do not want to make it difficult to take a breath. This reduces your list of devices. About the only method I can think of is to position a tiny pinwheel at each nostril. It must be friction free. It must have a guard ring around it, so the blades do not contact skin accidentally. The pinwheel will spin one way when inhaling, and th
Depends on the ratio of Xc to Resr. If it's large (Z mostly reactive), you'll have problems to measure the phase angle between voltage and current with sufficient accuracy. It also depends on your available equipment.
Dear all, I have a problem regarding the measure stability at 0 degree with ST L3G4200D gyroscope device. The problem is that when I turn on my board in rest position, the 0 angle begins to increase; my board is contained in a case, so my doubt is that maybe the problem is just the increase of the temperature inside the case, because gyroscope
The dissipation factor or Loss Tangent or complex impedance of water can be done with high voltage if in the GΩ range, but constant current is best method then use PLL quadrature detector to measure VI directly or use phase angle vectorfrom a phase detector and measure amplitude of voltage from CC source. . Omega Meters tend to use (...)
How to measure tilt angle with very small component? In goolge, the results is a little big in size. And I don't want to use A-sensor, G-sensor, because the reference plane may be not perticular. many thanks.
Is it sufficient to measure phase angle between current and voltage to calculate power factor? what if the phase angle is zero but current waveform is distorted? For non-sinoidal curents, power factor has to be calculated as product of displacement and distortion power factor. Technical
What you are measuring is "apparent" power ( V X I =VA). If the load has a significant reactive component (capacitors or inductors) then you have to measure the phase angle between the current and voltage and multiply your VA figure by the cos of the angle which gives you true ("real") power in watts. For some loads the correction could be (...)
I want to measure angle 0-90 degree's 0.1 by 0.1 using stepper motor.i use 1.8 degree stepper motor and 1 to 18 gear wheel arrangement reduce to angle.but there is a problem i want to use encoder and measure correct angle and system should be rotate to correct position(0.1 degree).how can i do this?i use pic (...)
Yes all para possible - - - Updated - - - Yes all para possible. Without ADC may not possible - - - Updated - - - Yes all parameter can measure but require ADC - - - Updated - - - Yes all parameter can measure but require ADC
Hi , I am planning to develop a project using 3 phase line ( 440v) below are my doubts 1.How we can decide the line current is in single phase or 3 phase? because based on the i need to do switch on the motor pump can we measure phase angle using ADC of pic 16 series( need some pointers ) 3.I don't want to use zero crossing detect
candela is a measure of light intensity. steradian is a measure of 3-dimensional (solid) angle. 1 candela is .0015 Watt/steradian. There are many, many light measuring instruments out there. You need to determine what your requirements are before we can suggest 'the cheapest way'.
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. I constructed an inverted pendulum for my final year project. Time is running out and I am struggling to get it properly balanced. The system consists of the following. I use an POT to measure the angle and an optical encoder to measure the cart position. After the PID controller output I send (...)
is there a simple way to measure the peak wavelength of a led source?