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hi. How i can plot the output voltage curve represented by a variable resistance in transient Analysis with hspice? and my other question is that , Why, when I measure the capacitance value of vccap , its value is not shown? like this: .op .tran 2ns 1ms .probe Gcap 7 8 VCCAP PWL(1) 1 2 -1v, 0p 1v, 1p vi1 1 2 sin( 0 1 1k) .
Dear all, I want measure the input capacitance of an inverter for the vinput range of 0 to 3.3 V I am following the approach mentoined below: 1. at the input of the inverter I connect a dc voltage in series with a ac source. 2. then I am doing a parametric analysis (sweeping the dc value from 0 to 3.3 V) under which I am doing an ac analy
Hi everybody. Is there anyone how can guide me to measure input parasitic capacitance with hspice simulation? Thanks in advance. Alireza
hi please say to me that how I can measure the capacitance in drain of an inverter in "hspice" simulation? thanks
Hi, everybody: What's the difference between capacitance parameter Cdg and Dgd in hspice? and how can i measure the capacitance between gate and ground(if bulk and sourse is connected) in hspice? THX!
Dear All How can I use Hspcie to simulate phase margin v.s. load capacitance Y axis is phase margin X axis is load capacitance I use .measure to get phase margin but I can't plot it on spice explore. Could you give me some hspice code to do this simulation? Thank you Added after 1 minutes: jus
Dear All, does any one know how to use hspice to measure the output load capacitance of a circuit?
There is something called LX3 or LX1 statement from which you can measure the capacitances across a diode. Please refer the hspice manual.
is realy output of cap() function in hspice, capacitance? i need to measure capacitance between to nodes of circuit. do you have some idea?
i want to measure capacitance of a circuit with hspice. do you have some idea?
For simulation , you can use .measure command in hspice for calculating the power dissipation
you can measure the effective capacitance between 2 nodes, by the capacitance define.
just measure the voltage on the capacitance and multiplied by C, that is the Q . you should add the .meas statemant in hspice list: .mear tran vcpo avg v(o) from=XXn to=XXn. .meas charge param='vcpo*C' where v(o) is the voltage on the capacitance . the plot is "charge stored in capacitor VS phase error" ,not (...)
to measure the input capacitance you may drive the port with a current. So, by measuring the time it takes the signal to go between two different voltages you can deduce the input capacitance. I=C . dV/dt You must be sure that the parasitic capacitance due to interconects is considered and explicitly present in the (...)