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Hi everyone, I'm new to RF design and aware that this may be a trivial and/or silly question for the RF experts on here. I'm wondering which parameters, for planar antennas (such as patch antennas), are affecting the output voltage of the antenna (Vpp). Is that the frequency of the signal(s), the power of the received signal(s), a (...)
what do you want to detect (1 mV, 100 mV, 2 V, etc)? Whether you will measure something depends on what you use as antenna and the strength of the field. BAT85 is not the best Schottky diode for a simple UHF detector. Try to find a schottky diode with less capacitance. A very nice detector diode is BAT62 as it has a (...)
As a first remark, induction loops for hearing assistance are in fact transmitting unmodulated audio signals, so they are wide band rather than tuned circuits. There are however other induction loop systems using modulation. To characterize the transmission system, you would want to measure magnetic field strength. A loop (...)
Dear all,,, I was woundering how to measure the total electric field strength from different simultaneous sources at a certain point. what I know is that the antenna factor is useful only if there is an incident plane wave from one direction. what if there were more than one plane wave? how can the (...)
I need to design an antenna and a rectifier circuit at 27 Mhz in order to measure the strongness or weakness of the 27 Mhz signal by multimeter. please give me instruction for calculation of value of the single diode, rectifier capacitor, resistor Thank in advance