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Phase voltage isn't the full information. You should also measure phase-to-phase voltage.
Hi, * define "fast". Is it ms, us, ns? * isolated or not * inductive loads * functional switch OFF, or safety switch OFF * AC = mains frequency? Is it to protect the load, or your electronics? If AC, and RMS current.... how do you measure RMS current that fast? Or don't you use RMS to decide when to switch OFF? Klaus
How do you measure the power when you plug your load to the amplifier ??
I am working on a project where I need to measure the current drawn by multiple loads from a single power supply using a 8-bit PIC micro-controller. Also, when an overload condition is detected in any of the loads, I need to cut it off using a MOSFET. Here, each port is limited to a specific current and the (...)
I suggest you start injecting signals into an active load and monitor V,I for gain phase stability. You can get a sweep generator from Audacity, and use the audio inputs AC coupled as required to measure the response in time and frequency spectrum, or use scope for unity gain and measure phase margin, 130795
hello i am really needing urgent help i need to optimize the transmit power and measure the load of the cell (number of served user) so the measurment show how the power increasing increase the number of served users anyone can help me with any law ?and is it possible to use shannon capacity law as simple solution ?and (...)
If you have a accurate a RF Signal Generator and a Directional Coupler, you may measure the magnitude of the Input Impedance but it's quite erroneous for small reflections.
I guess you mean disconnect a phase (open circuit) when you say "phase failure"? In this case, two phase-to-phase measurements drop to half the regular voltage. But in a real power supply network, the remaining voltage depends on the connected other load. Even in the open circuit case (no other load connected) you can get (...)
PAE = Pout - Pin/Pdc in order to measure power at output and power at DC, you need to add current probe at the load and DC points respectively. for voltage measurement just name the not as VX will do. insert the equation in schematic so after simulation, you will get the values.
Hi we are using the 32.768 KHz crystal in the PCF8563 RTC circuit. we are using 3.3VDC supply and CR2052 (3V lithium Battery) using BAT54C ORing Diode module. if we measure the frequency at the crystal points we will get the 32.768 KHz . But the Time Lacking is there. Please give some suggesstion to come across the problem. Thanks
1) The remenance caused by saturation will cause errors for many cycles with a DC offset. Then a random line reclosure will cause saturation again causing more errors from previous fault line opening with Remenance. Thirdly, saturation from Burden R being too high. ref
say again? How much level? and where did you measure this? What power source was used? impedance?
Since your thread is concerned only about efficiency, the only valid way to measure this is with true RMS power input. It is a relatively new requirement for no load efficiency with IEC 16301 sect4.5 with 5mW max for no load and standby. What are your goals and results?
AC supply probably has lots of 100Hz ripple. measure it with no load and full load signal. Each power amp is probably oscillating above 100Khz causing overheating. If it gets hot with no load, put 2.7Ohm 0.47uF as indicated in specs or similar series snubber on each output to ground. If DC out is not (...)
(1) The transconductance is a measure of how much output current you get for some change in the input voltage. E.g. lets say that you change the input by 1 mV, on a FEt of transconductance 1mS. The the output current (the current through the drain of the FET) will simply be 1mV x 1mS = 1uA. The noise that a transistor produces is directly related
A 3 dB hybrid splitter will normally lose 3.5dB but <1dB when 1 port is unloaded such as with a high impedance diode cap forward or reverse power detector. Return loss performance is adjust if loaded correctly. But then you can use it as a directional coupler to measure effects of variable load on (...)
Hye everyone :) How to construct this diagram using PSCAD? And how to measure the bus voltage, power and reactive power at load busses etc? Thank you 110818
3. You can modify your computer power module to reduce its voltage with external resistor and add voltmeter to measure it.
Hi All, I have a power supply with multiple outputs. 12v, 5v, -5v. When I power up the unit. I can measure the output voltages but its dropping very fast, from 12v drops to 0, from 5v drops to 0. Anybody knows the possible cause? I already changed the filter caps but still same.. Thanks in advance!
How do you measure pload_w ?? Because pload_w -in generally- is complex and it's got real and imaginary part.Also it has all harmonics including DC. You do probably an error and therefore you find this number. In additional to, if the load is complex, you can not find the delivered power to (...)