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Or make your own A weighting filter which is defined in the standard as follows Four differentiating zeros Two poles at -20.6 Hz (-129.4 /s) One pole at -107.7 Hz (-676.7 /s) One pole at -737.9 Hz (-4636 /s) Two poles at -12200 Hz (-76655 /s) See also
There's no Vin, gain (transimpedance in this case) is measured with current source I1. Seriously I have no idea how the circuit is intended to work as oscillator, respectively don't know which transimpedance value you want to achieve.
Hi I have a micro with an A/D and I want to use it to monitor a voltage My application outputs a negative voltage of 0 to -1V and it does not allow to interchange poles, so that I use the GND of the application rail as a positive terminal for the micro. How should I measure this negative voltage? There is another
Hello, I have bought a MeanWell 3.3V switching power supply but when I measure (with a multi meter) the voltage is gives 18 volts. (Measuring over the V+ and V- poles). Is the unit malfunctioning or am I doing something fundamentally wrong? The datasheet: Regards Edwin
i have a question,for opamp,there are two parameters: UGF and GBW,are they the same?or are there some difference between them?and what,s the exact mean of UGF and GBW?Besides,in spectre,how to measure the two parameters(UGF and GBW)in caculator? thanks.