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Antenna which not are under measurement must be properly terminated (50 Ohm).
Hello, I am having dilemma in measuring the bluetooth antenna performance. The problem I have is that there are unavoidable cables and flex nearby the monopole bluetooth antenna, typically the flex is < 1.5mm distance to the antenna while the cable is dangling around the antenna. It has been a frustrating engineering work to tune the matching ci
I have bluetooth compatible medical devices that send out information in ascii. I need a program for a PC or cellphone that can pick up and interpret this information into a readable format. Basically, if the software is for a cellphone, I want it to show the results of a BP reading and weight measurement ideally in the form BP: 124/84 Weight:
The basic EVM measurement represents the magnitude of the error between an ideal signal and the actual received signal. The DEVM defined by the bluetooth, represents the magnitude of the error between two received signals spaced one symbol apart in time. The error is measured after all linear distortions are removed from the received signal, which
Recently, in bluetooth V2.0 EDR, a parameter called DEVM (Differential Error Vector Magnitude) has been introduced. Is standard EVM still measured first and then DEVM is derived from it? Also, does anyone have any dood documentation on DEVM measurement and theory?
Hi, anyone has done and tuning and matching of bluetooth ceramic chip antenna (such as ACX or Murate parts) on FR4 PCB. I am currently designing bluetooth Headset and Compactflash cards, and did lots of antenna matching. I always do a single port calibration ( open short match), before measurement of the antenna resonant frequency and (...)
Attached is data rate measurement comparing with and without diversity. Its a bluetooth system (frequency hopping and FEC included) that communicates via serial port and uses two diversity antennas combined in two ortoghonal beams, each beam in own channel. In indoor application, this action is very similar to selection diversity. The (...)