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Hello all I want to design a DC-DC buck converter with following specifications. Input voltage: 48-72 Volt Output voltage: 12 Volt Output current: 15 Amps I am new to electronics (I am a mechanical engineer) but have read some books on power electronics before starting. I need your help to choose components based on your experiences. I have r
Depends on the intended mechanical action (force, travel and speed): motor, piezo actuator with boost converter, thermal (bimetal) actuator, electrochemical (electrolytic) actuator.
Yes, but is not very simple:-( you can fier/born it->produce energie: -per Thermo Electric Generator -Stirling motor-generator -per fuilcell -rotate a mechanical mass + drive generator with them -per dumb+generator K.
If it's a simple, mechanical tuned receiver, you can possibly extend it to receive lower VHF radio telephony. TV sound won't work without a new front end or a frequency converter. Can't receive digital communication (most cordless phones, cellular) anyway.
You at least nead some kind of periodical operated switch to convert DC to AC voltage. Early DC/DC converters (e.g. in tube car radios) have been using a mechanical chopper, later models a self oscillating transistor circuit.
Try IC on "analog switch". They act like a mechanical switch. Make of semiconductor, and can conduct analog signal. You can make use of the IC to multiplex your signal to the desired input channel. One such switch is ADG451, ADG452, ADG453, ADG511, ADG512, ADG513, CD4066BC There are many other analog switch IC from different manufacturer. I
usually, installer ( mechanical engineer) will specify power of motor ( depend on application), and we just select cables and type of motor driver, and control schematic.
This 'simple' step down converter is one of the most expensive I ever seen. (1977 it's ok, but today too expensive) This regulator has a poor efficiency. I think the losses in the switching Darlington transistor are > 10W. So you are in need to cool it well with a very expensive and BIG heat sink !!! A mechanical disaster. Modern concepts are