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Without detailed mechanical specifications you can't start designing a footprint. Google for the datasheet, and look up the footprint specification somewhere in the back, as FvM suggested.
The electronic engineer can design what goes inside the dual shock controller and how it works. However, the question remains; who designs the shape of the dual shock controller, what background are they from? And finally, what software can be used to actually create the physical model of the controller in the comput
Some surface mount SMAs also have very fine mechanical connection properties.I recommend you to use high quality SMD SMA for 2.4GHz
What controls the switching circuit? Why can't you use a mechanical switch?
Just use a mechanical counter that is triggered like a relay. Or get something like this :- Frank
You use a transformer isolated power supply from the mains to generate the 5VDC (such as a wall-wort supply). The heater, powered directly from the mains, can be controlled with a relay (mechanical or solid-state) to provide isolation for that.
Hi there Peace on you all, I'm designing a 3rd order mechanical filter and using electromechanical analogy i transformed it to equivalent electrical circuit and i want to simulate it on Cadence to see its frequency response but 'floating nodes' error faces me everytime and i need help to know what is wrong 92925
Hi, I am currently designing the control stuff for a mini laser cutter but firstly I need a breakout board. I am a mechanical engineering student so forgive me for dumb electronics questions but one of the reason why I want to do the design from scratch rather than simply buy or use someone else design is to learn electronics. [URL="https://www.
I think, the essential parameters will be defined as part of mechanical engineering normally. If mechanical engineering is using trial and error methods instead of profound calculation, VFD commisioning will take the same approach.
which is the best mechanical designing software, i mean to design a gear-box , and simulate it, just as "Proteus 7 Professional" for electronic simulation
after designing rf switch , which is cantilever based. when conducting TEM (thermo electro mechanical ) analysis , it showing an warning message as follows: placeq: warning, removing identical quadrilateral panel ,
Hi, As per my personal opinion, every field has equal opportunities whether you do EE or mechanical or civil. In Mech also anyone could designing, CFD, Thermodynamics etc and so on. It is always matter what is your outlook towards Basic and Fundamental concepts of any engineering field. otherwise, just getting good marks and grade and be proud of
This is my board designing flow : 1. All critical components should be discussed with the mechanical engineer like antenna, connector locations etc. 2. Get all the necessary mechanical information from the mechanical engineer, board dimensions & height limitations. 3. Component placement starting from the critical (...)
Dear friends, I am invoved in designing special devices for operating handicapped kids power wheelchairs. I use N.O. mechanical Switches called Buddy Buttons mounted on Headrest or a Tray. Touchung the buttons and hearing the click make a kid nervous and spastic. Please help me in finding compact Proximity Switches which can replace the mechanic
Ive been designing both mechanical enclosures and electronics for quite some time now and have to say the easiest mechanical tool I have used is Solidworks for my enclosures. I am not sure if it would be feasable for you to purchase this tool for a sinlge project. If you were to design enclosure using this tool and sent out to a sheet (...)
You lack several important filter specification parameters to judge what topology to use: - lower and upper stopband rejection - passband amplitude ripple - group delay requirements - insertion loss - input/output VSWR - mechanical requirements (max size, interfaces/connections, etc)
Hello If you don't want to waste your time to draw your pcb, send it to me. All I need are a schematic and all constraints about your pcb design. (mechanical data,your wishes etc.) IPC compatible libraries , EMC rules , Single,double or multi layer pcb, Reasonable price... What you get are: sch, pcb, netlist, a viewer, gerber, drill file,
Hi everybody! I am designing a digital multimeter with a MAX134. My problem is that I don't want to use any mechanical switch or relay when changing the measuring function from voltage to current. any idea? thanks in advance alba800 Added after 7 minutes: SORRY.. I made a mistake writing the questi
Dear friend, I have been designing and implementing several combline and interdigital band pass filters in microwave range using coupled slab line and rectangular resonators. In these designs I always had to do some optimization in the prototype due to mechanical tolerances. Also in narrowband applications I never escape to have some tuning capabi
I am involved in designing RF TLC systems and recently I heard that someone used MEMS components to build RF receivers with tunable filters with high Q and low size. Does anybody know where I could find some info on MEMS components and if there are manufacturing companies producing and selling these components (custom or commercial). Thanks a lot