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hi , splinteroids offers you design /prototyping/ production support for your mechanical engineering needs at the best price.
You can suppress the noise generated below diode threshold using film snubber cap and a power diode across the coil, but LC resonance and Q are engineering values you can learn. You need to specify power,voltage/current with coil resistance and driver for proper design question with all parts specified and mechanical load.
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Hi, I am currently designing the control stuff for a mini laser cutter but firstly I need a breakout board. I am a mechanical engineering student so forgive me for dumb electronics questions but one of the reason why I want to do the design from scratch rather than simply buy or use someone else design is to (...)
The question should be asked in the mechanical engineering and design forum because it's a purely mechanical problem.
I am currently working as a mechanical engineer from past one year. I am enjoying my job too since its of renewable energy(design). But one thing I have observed in india is that engineer's are paid very less specially as compared to MBA's. This thing is demorolizing for me and I am confused whether I should continue with engineering or (...)
which is the best mechanical designing software, i mean to design a gear-box , and simulate it, just as "Proteus 7 Professional" for electronic simulation
please i need the manual solution of chapter 6 of mechanical engineering design shigley edition about static failure in design
Hi all, As this is my first post I thought Id just say hi and introduce myself. My background is mechanical engineering although I am studying very basic electronics as part of my current collage course, but have a grasp of the basics...Just... I am currently doing my finally year project in mechanical design and (...)
hai Iam Upender I completed my B.Tech in mechanical engineering , I want to do M.Tech in design engineering . Hence I requesting you to suggest some reputed universites which offers the same in
design engineer is a general term that covers multiple engineering disciplines - electrical, mechanical and civil engineering are the basic three. The design engineer is distinguished from the designer/drafter by virtue of the fact that a design engineer sets the (...)
Hi, I am a third year mechanical engineering student and have been assigned to design matching algorithm based on image "correlation" using matlab. I am free to research and inspire myself from any source code I can find, as I will be awarded with marks for research. The problem is I must use the matlab function normxcorr2(I,J) and i can't (...)
Case Studies in Superconducting Magnets design and Operational Issues Yukikazu Iwasa Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory and Department of mechanical engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts Kluwer Academic Publishers NEW YORK, BOSTON , DORDRECHT, LONDON, MOSCOW CONTENTS (...)
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