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I guess "load" and "omega" are connecting mechanical state variables of the model. There's surely some model documentation.
hello, how to solder a pcb into mechanical box without fastners. please explain the fixing procedure with out screws.
If it is a DRC marker then check you Preference settings for DRC marker size but it seems or to be a track which is giving drc error because it is shorting pins of connector to Mounting hole. There is no option like mechanical pins in Altium you cab define as other pins aand give them any Pin name as to differentiate it (...)
According to the data sheet, the case pin 3 is not electrically connect to anything. It is probably there to try to get the heat out of the package (as well as mechanical rigidity), so solder it to the ground plane on a PCB.
If you deleted text it becomes mechanical pin.Then again you place pins as connect pins.If you want to change pin number,you edit it make sure that by enabling class package geometry subclass pin number.
Hello all, My mother has been using a ES-62Y Sharp washing machine (i.e. semi-automatic) and its timer (i.e. mechanical time switch: Sankyo 26H7) was fired due to short circuiting. The timer contains 4-pins. And such timers are now not available in the market (market has only 5 and 6 pins timers). Kan somebody please explain me the use of (...)
Industrial x-ray machine in electronic products is mainly used to look for soldering issues in high density pins IC that you cannot access with a regular microscope. Is also used to look for mechanical defects in areas that you cannot access with your eyes, a camera or a microscope.
Has anyone used the sensors from those common mechanical computer mouse.What kind of sensor is it? Is it a plain phototransistor or some chip. It has three the mouse board centre pin is connected to positive supply and the other two pins are connected directly to the mouse chip. I tested it outside by connecting centre pin to 5v. It gav
Hi, I've never done this before, and my knowledge of the 'SCART' standard, and video, is limited.. Most scart switches are mechanical, with lots and lots of poles. As for making an 'electronic' switch, I wouldn't want to use '42 transistors' either ;) But you won't have to. Even though there are 21 pins, theres only really video, and 2 aud
Look carefully at page 2 of the datasheet you list in your message. There is a mechanical drawing of the LCD module that shows the "A" and "K" (anode and cathode) pads for the backlight LED power on the right hand side of the display module. The 14 pins that connect the data lines are a separate connector on the left hand side.