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Anybody there who has some access to capital or even resources for this digital receipts project. any help would be very welcome, programming developing, mechanical design and importantly capital access. Give buzz at project link ->
Hi Everyone, I have general question about SDRAM chip. Except mechanical & Electrical characteristics like: Thermal, memory size, voltage, power consumption I'd like to know what are the specifications do I need to take into account to choose the suitable chip for my project. Thanks in advance Gil
Hi friends I have a project with heavy mechanical shock, my board has a microcontroller, acc meter sensor, crystal, v-regulator and some resistor and caps. my problem is heavy mechanical shock that is about 5000 G! heavy acc cause by explosion that is for throwing my board, it will damage board and some parts, i need some help to find a (...)
Hi, I'm working on a project where I have to get a weight readout from a straingage attached to an aluminium box profile. The mechanical part of the assignment is done, but they're realy letting us hanging with the electronics part. We were handed this circuit scematic (after specifically asking a teacher not involved in the project). (...)
Hii, hope everything going ok in ur life. My project is on simulation of a p-i-n GaAs solar cell with InAs quantum dots in i layer. I want to know how to model Quantum mechanical model of photoabsorption. Which model statement can be used for this. Plz someone help, I really need it urgently. Hope someone will reply with a good answer. T
Right 'cards on the table' I am after votes, BUT I also want to share my project and DesignSpark mechanical experience. Here is my entry and as said votes (by clicking LIKE) would be appreciated (you will have to register at the site to do this, but you don't get any problems
There are mechanical drawings here: Keith
Load cells can respond in milliseconds, but if you are 'dropping' your things into a bin, you have to account for mechanical effects (things bouncing around, etc.)
Hi. I am new to the forum so forgive me if I don't say something correctly or if I'm in the wrong section. I am working on a project. I want to produce a device that has a built in timer. I want the timer to have 2 modes. Manual mode and 'Device' mode. The manual mode is just like it sounds, you could turn it on and it would stay on until you t
Hello, I need to replace the mechanical fridge thermostat which is not working. Because i can?t find a similar model, i decided to build this It is working well, b
This Blog helps to support engineering students to make their final year projects and useful for electronics learners. click Here Here You can get project abstracts and some mini project
Aren't you supposed to design the circuit and write the code yourself? You need to do some mechanical design work too, for the physical tracking. It is probably easiest to do that with servos.
I also use SOlidWorks - Altium combination. I start the project in SolidWorks, design the mechanic of the device (box, etc.). Then I can get the PCB as mechanical part in SolidWOrks. From this PCB part I can get the DXF files describing everything for the PCB - holes, size, curvature. Next step is - import this DXF into Altium (into some mechani
mechanical arm is a manipulator with three degrees of freedom. mechanical part of the project and motors were made of metal elements from old wipers mechanisms and other components which can be easily found in almost every workshop. The motors from wipers
In the beginning, I want to admit that I have no background of electronics. I'm a mechanical engineering major, and I have worked with microcontrollers and IC's in my college robotics club, but it basically involved making pre-designed circuits that were given to us. So I have never designed a circuit on my own. A project at hand right now requi
Interfacing a solenoid valve is the same as interfacing to a relay. You can check up the circuit example here hi friends iam doing project ie to interface water solenoid valves with pic16f877a so please tell me how to control solenoid vavle by
Traditionally, float switches are used for this purpose. As the most simple solution, mechanical switches, that can directly control a 3-phase motor, are available since more than 50 years, and still manufactured these days. I assume, that similar devices are available in your country.
What a nice electronic project :smile: hey r u blind or what?? don't u see its a pure Electronics project, who gonna try this without a proper mechanical Lab
Why is possible. But it solely depends on one who designs, develops and impliments it coz the project too will have ample mechanical movemnets to be controlled apart from the Electronics.
Lets assume the intent of the project is to learn about electro-mechanical systems. You would normally use a DC motor (or AC) and gear it down. Use sensors to know its position. Then use some type of control system to make it work (uP,PLC,RELAY,Discrete, etc.) To make the design simple, I (not being a mechanical engineer) would use the (...)