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Right 'cards on the table' I am after votes, BUT I also want to share my project and DesignSpark mechanical experience. Here is my entry and as said votes (by clicking LIKE) would be appreciated (you will have to register at the site to do this, but you don't get any problems
Hello, I need to replace the mechanical fridge thermostat which is not working. Because i can?t find a similar model, i decided to build this It is working well, b
This Blog helps to support engineering students to make their final year projects and useful for electronics learners. click Here Here You can get project abstracts and some mini project
Hi, need a speed meter to measure the rotational speed of mechanical parts ... ? Build this :wink: 78478
Here is a simple solar tracker, working fine, now I want to design mechanical part so need your help, I'm thinking to use Aluminum instead of iron and wood or steel. below is the source link Homemade Electronic Circuit projects: How to B
Interfacing a solenoid valve is the same as interfacing to a relay. You can check up the circuit example here hi friends iam doing project ie to interface water solenoid valves with pic16f877a so please tell me how to control solenoid vavle by
what is the maximum speed you need ?(rpm) you can use mechanical timers and power resister to control speed if you don't know programming you can control speed by using light dimmers also here is one circuit and program that might help you Downloads / 8051 projects / Simple Digital Countdown Time
Some reference to interface the digital logic signal to control a relay. Switch
Hello friends,. i am an mechanical engineeer but i am very much interested in doing embedded projects as an initiative i would like to simple attendence monitoring system which interfaces gprs module and finger print system with mic....... i don know how to start with and proceed any one pls guide me how to start with the pro
I am having around 10 plus years of experience in mechanical industry.Recently i have started a engineeing solution company.around 4 people are working in my company. wanted to know about the projects providing companys/group/website or best way to advertise THE COMPANY.
I am also in the process of making one myself for cnc milling and drilling of pcb. However I'm stucked with the mechanical parts of it which quite difficult to obtained. On the 3-axis stepper driver I plan to built the Linistepper driver which have microstepping and looks like having smoother control on the stepper motor.