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thank u medra but can u give me any link or websit to get this research my regards
why not use the last lecture of DSP?? it is about mimo and space time coding. :D Where can I find the last lecture of DSP???
they are capacitors of very high capacitance, ex=10f,20f the highest i saw was 45f but that was 3 years ago!!!!!!!! carbon foam is used as an electolytic (i dont know if there is another or not). also many of the super capacitors are really some parallel capacitors,not 1. Hmmmm, u mean 10F, ok got it n
thanx medra it helped me
thanks medra for the point you donated. i think this is the reason why the forum was created to share and to be shared with. i will be glad to be of help anytime. stay cool man
@medra i have not understood ur last line.. plz ...write....again........